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GCSE Results Day is almost here. It's an anxious time for teenagers waiting to hear how they've got on and their parents too. Here our careers advisers give their top tips to help reduce the stress.

The key to getting through this stressful time is to be prepared for any eventuality, so follow the tips below before, on and after results day:

Before the day

  • Keep results day and the following days free
  • Make sure you know the arrangements for getting your results
  • Get contact phone numbers to hand
  • Research all your options so that you have a back up plan
  • Try not to worry - whatever the day brings there are always other options

On the day

  • Take action if you haven’t got the grades you expected
  • Have an offer of a job or apprenticeship? Contact the employer to negotiate your offer as they may still accept you
  • Planning to go to sixth form? Discuss your options with the Head of sixth form as soon as possible
  • Applied to college? Contact them immediately as they may offer you an alternative course. It is disappointing if your heart is set on something but there may be another course which you have not considered at a lower entry level ie, Level 2 rather than Level 3; this way you can work your way up
  • Consider other choices such as an apprenticeship. There is a wide range of interesting apprenticeships available to school leavers if you decide you want to enter the workplace. Check out and eCLIPS (if your school has a licence) to research your options
  • Get advice from school staff and your school’s careers adviser - our advisers will be in 65 schools across the Thames Valley on the day
  • The National Careers Service is running an Exam Results Helpline on 0800 100 900 (8am to 10pm)
  • Remember, if you do not pass English or maths GCSE you will have a chance to retake them, whether you go to sixth form, college or do an apprenticeship. Your education provider will help you to pass as part of your next qualification.

After the day

Good luck!

Adapted from a blog published in August 2018


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