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It’s that time of the year again: hectic, hysterical frenzy of an emotional whirlwind - 17th August, A Level Results Day. We've asked guest blogger Annie Thompston to share her tips to ensure you make it through this dreaded date in your calendar.

Your brain is gearing itself into overdrive, and you’re starting to envision all the worst possible scenarios, totally driving yourself off the deep end… Breathe.

It’s not about others, it’s about you

We understand that having friends that are collecting results at the same time as you may add on that much more unnecessary pressure to the whole ordeal. Just remember that it doesn’t matter even if your peers, teachers or parents try to convince you that you should be satisfied with your results. It’s entirely up to you how you should feel about the grades that you received. You should absolutely feel proud of them especially if you’ve been working hard!

Try to get some rest the night before

This may seem like ‘Mission Impossible’, yet instead of walking into school a stressed mess on auto pilot mode with dark under eye circles, try to get some shut eye. You’ll be able to overcome the trepidation that you’re feeling the night before if you attempt to distract yourself before you go to sleep. Lack thereof may likely lead to heightened emotional hysteria the next morning.

Go in with the mindset of acceptance

Whatever happens, it has already happened, you’ve done your best and there’s no changing the end result. Therefore, you should aim to make the best out of what you have got and do not despair if you didn’t received your expected grades. There’s also the insurance choice and the option of entering into Clearing.

Note: UCAS Track is live from 8am on the day, if you are anxious about it, you could always check online for any updates or early notifications of acceptance if your university has decided to accept you.

Make a plan for the rest of the day

This is often overlooked but it can be helpful if you’ve structured the rest of the day, perhaps something planned in advance with your family or some time for you to reward yourself with an activity that you love. It doesn’t necessarily have to be with your friends in case they already have plans with their families but meeting up with your pals the very next day to celebrate is also an excellent idea.

At least attempt not to stress

You may completely ignore this piece of advice and stress nonetheless but just know that despite what people tell you, this is not ‘the be all, end all’ in your life. All stress should be completed obliterated after you’ve walked out of your last exam. Believe in yourself that you’ve done the best that you possibly could, and all your efforts shall be rewarded.

No matter what happens, you should still celebrate - at least school’s over!

Written by Annie Thompson, blog writer at

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