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Adviza is a great champion of Employability Day. As a registered charity, the heart of what we do is about inspiring people to make better decisions that help them progress in learning and work. Our different projects help to close the gaps and raise awareness of the different ways we work to support those less fortunate.

Our projects

Adviza delivers services for communities funded by local authorities, trusts and other agencies. Here is a taste of what we offer to help fill the gaps:

  • National Careers Service – Adviza is the Prime Contractor for the South West and Oxfordshire region. We can provide personalised careers information, advice, and guidance services to all adults via individual and group face-to-face sessions, over the telephone, through digital and social media platforms
  • Fuller Working Lives - There are now more than 10 million people aged 50+ in employment. The National Careers Service is offering a free service to support businesses to retain, retrain and recruit older workers
  • Building Futures – Intensive support within Buckinghamshire to support at least 400 people to move them closer to learning or work
  • Early Intervention Youth Fund – A project targeted at young people in Berkshire who have been identified as being involved in or at risk of being involved in knife crime, gangs and offending behaviour
  • On the Right Track – A supplementary career programme to support virtual schools in Reading and Bucks with careers guidance tailored for Looked After Children.
  • Prince’s Trust – Organising programmes for 16-25 year olds in Slough, Reading and Bucks to help them uncover hidden talents and improve confidence, gain a nationally-recognised qualification and develop English and Maths skills

Find out more about our services and projects here.

How our employees help to fill the gaps

Adviza is very much a people business. As our mission states, everyone at Adviza works to make a positive difference for young people and adults so that they have the best possible chance in life.

And as well as focussing on the people we help and support we are also committed to investing and supporting our most valuable resource – our workforce. That is what makes us a truly a people business.

Our commitment to our workforce has very recently been tested against the industry wide recognised standards of Investors in People and we were delighted to be awarded Established (Silver) status.

The nature of business now means that as an organisation we need to be more adaptable and agile than ever. We need the people who work for us to be the same.

Change is definitely the one constant theme in our business and our success in managing change depends on recruiting and retaining the right people. And we do.  Our average length of service is nearly 7 years (with fair few over 20 yrs!) and our voluntary turnover is around 2% – which means that when people join us they generally decide to stay – so we must be doing something right. In the first six months of 2019 we have had 31 new recruits to our ranks.

How does Adviza support its staff?

We ask for flexibility from our people and we offer them flexibility in return – 46% of our staff work part time and an even greater number work flexible working patterns. We are not a 9 till 5 business and we understand that few people live 9 till 5 lifestyles!

We are committed to every individual’s personal development - we want all of our people to have the opportunity to grow and develop in their particular field. We are currently employ four full time apprentices, three members of staff are doing an upskilling apprenticeship, we are supporting some of our staff to gain professional qualifications and have also invested in a management development programme.

Help us to close the gaps

If you feel inspired after reading this blog please do check out our vacancies page. We are always on the lookout for people who want to help make a difference!

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