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Lucy Barr-Richardson shares the ups and the downs of life as an apprentice. Lucy joined the Adviza apprenticeship programme in October 2014. (And we think she’s fab!)

So … what’s the point of doing an apprenticeship?

  • You get the same qualifications that you would at college, but you get paid and you get work experience too
  • You learn what it’s like in a working environment; how to act, policies and procedures, health and safety, data protection, business etiquette
  • It teaches you how to manage your money and what it’s like to have your own and earn it for yourself
  • You have to learn to prioritise your work and study which can sometimes be difficult
  • It makes you realise that in work you will have to do things that you may not want to do but it’s all good experience and a great opportunity to learn new skills
  • You find out that you are good at things you didn’t realise you were good at and it helps point you in the right direction of what career you may want to do in the future
  • You have a lot more independence when you’re doing an apprenticeship than you would at school or college

So, you see, there's loads of reasons to do an apprenticeship. Find an apprenticeship in the Thames Valley or book a session with an adviser to get on your apprenticeship career track!


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