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In a recent report, the sub-committee for Education, Skills and the Economy raised concerns about the number of careers information websites available, the difficulty in navigating them and how young people and their parents could know which sites to trust. Here Independent Careers Adviser Ray Le Tarouilly explains why he puts his faith in eCLIPS.

I have used eCLIPS for over 15 years in my role as a careers advisor in grant maintained and independent schools in the West Midlands region. It is without doubt the best careers software I have encountered.

This is why:

  • Occupational information is of high quality and easy to access
  • It is a more versatile resource than others I have used, in particular school and college subject links to occupations
  • Its coverage of broad areas - such as careers with children, working with animals, working outdoors, practical careers and employment for people with A level and equivalent qualifications - is ideal in raising student awareness of the full range of potential opportunities which they otherwise would not have considered
  • There is some very useful information on a wide range of lifestyle and other issues, including substance misuse, housing, state benefits, student finance for higher education, university sponsorship and choosing university courses, all of which again raise awareness effectively.

What my students say

Student feedback on eCLIPS has been very positive, with comments such as:

"I didn’t know there were so many jobs where I could work with children.”

“I could only think of accountancy as a career in which I could use maths; I was amazed to see so many other possibilities.”

“eCLIPS has given me some very useful help in choosing the university course I will do.”

A must for school careers libraries

In my opinion, eCLIPS should be a mandatory resource for schools and colleges to offer students in their careers library materials. It has enhanced my work as a careers guidance practitioner considerably and I have no hesitation in recommending it to others.

Ray Le Tarouilly works as a careers adviser for The Midlands Academies Trust

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