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Our volunteer mentors use their experience of life and work to support young people and adults through a variety of mentoring programmes across the Thames Valley. For this year's National Mentoring Day we've asked two of our Lucky Break mentors to tell us how they benefit from being a mentor and why they would recommend it to others.

Long Vu:

"Being a mentor ticks all the boxes for me personally and professionally. As a Learning and Development professional, being able to work with my mentees has been an extremely rewarding journey.

I have seen the confidence and self-belief grow with my mentees. It has also been a massive benefit to me in terms of my own personal development. I would highly recommend mentoring as this helps open up and unlock the potential you have within you."

Hazel Standbridge:

"As a mentor I work one on one with young people helping them to build their confidence, resilience or motivation. Each mentee has their own set of personal challenges and strengths. For me the joy of mentoring is seeing them work out how they can use their strengths to deal with their challenges.

The challenge of mentoring is that it is not always easy to know in the moment whether or not your support is actually helping and you need to be willing to adapt and try different approaches depending on the needs of the young person. However, the rewards have been amazing, time and again I have been moved to tears when mentees do actually share what they have gained from working with their mentor.  Overall mentoring has been one my most rewarding volunteering experiences."

Find out how you can become a life-changer by volunteering as a mentor on one of our Lucky Break programmes.


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