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Due to the nature of this blog, I think it is fitting to introduce myself. I am a recent marketing graduate in my early 20’s and currently working as a Marketing Executive, with a particular focus on digital marketing. A job which 30 years ago, wouldn’t have existed. With this in mind, I wanted to do some research on emerging careers and jobs of the future.

The average person today stays at a job for 4.4 years, meaning they would have experienced an average of 15-20 different jobs during their working lives. With that particularly high ratio, it is just as well new careers are constantly emerging.

Whether you are choosing a career path for the first time or changing profession, it is important to choose a career you are passionate about. Unfortunately there is no guarantee you will pick an occupation where there will always be jobs. With technology constantly changing, some tasks that were once completed by people are now done by computers and new jobs arise as new scientific discoveries are made. For example, Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook 10 years ago which has in turn created over 7000 jobs. Edward Cornish, author of ‘The Study of the Future’, believes jobs are created through monetizing your passion and doing a job that you love and cites an example about the Wright brothers (below).

The invention of the internet in1989 has created millions of jobs, so it’s no surprise that one of the fastest growing areas of employment in recent years relates to computer technology. Ironically, when writing this blog I found out that blog writers are in high demand! Job titles that don't exist now, could be mainstream professions in the next ten years, in much of the same way that social media consultants have emerged in the past six years – I can’t believe it’s only been the last 6 years!

I thought I would have a look some current jobs that are in demand, below is a top 10:

  1. Online community manager
  2. Mobile applications developer
  3. Search engine optimization specialist
  4. Sustainability expert
  5. Web content strategist
  6. Elder-care services coordinator
  7. Yoga/ Zumba/Pilates instructor.
  8. Big data analyst
  9. Privacy officer
  10. User Experience Designer

I find it hard to believe the job titles above didn’t exist ten years ago; they are all very ‘ordinary’ roles. However, I know for a fact that an older generation wouldn’t think the same thing…

An article by The Guardian in 2010 predicted what careers will emerge in 2020. Below is a table of a range of the jobs the article predicted to emerge, as the article was dated 4 years ago, I thought I’d see how many of these jobs actually exist now.


So out of the 18 predicted jobs for 2020, half of these are already jobs that exist now, in 2014. Watch this space, in 6 years time we may well be having tours in space…

As there is a growing age in our population, a guaranteed growth area in the coming years is the healthcare sector. An important point to think about here is although it is predicted there will be a growth in the healthcare sector, with the increasing technologies, what specific jobs will be needed in the healthcare industry in 30 years time? It’s quite scary how computers and technologies can perform tasks that humans once did years ago. I was amazed when I read that robot “nurses” have been used in the USA for years, they carry patient meals, mail, notes, distribute bed linen and carry drugs and dressings. How long before this comes over to the UK?

As a recent graduate, I am aware that I need to keep my skills and knowledge updated due to demographic changes, converging technologies and the evolving needs of society. Whatever stage you are at in your career, it is important to keep yourself updated with future trends, the developments of the wider world and ensure you are flexible and open minded. Remember, if your skill set becomes outdated, it will prove to be more difficult to keep up with the fast paced working environment we currently live in.

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