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18th Mar 2013

The Sunday Times has announced that Adviza has finished 33rd in its annual 100 Best Not-for-Profit Companies list. The organisation has finished in the top 100 for the last 3 years and this year saw a climb of 10 places on our position in the 2012 list.

Quotes from the Sunday Times include: 

• “Staff feel that people in their teams care for each other, with an 83% positive score, and go out of their way to help (82%). Both are top 20 scores among small not-for-profit organisations in our survey.”

• “The charity hopes its advice will give young people brighter futures, and also provides excellent learning and development opportunities for its staff. Employees believe the experience they gain from their job is valuable for their future (81%) and good for their personal growth (79%)."

• "Little wonder staff believe they have unlimited opportunities to learn and grow here (58%). In an organisation that gives advice professionally, communication is a strong point between managers and their teams. Staff feel that their managers talk openly and honestly with them (81%) and share important knowledge and information (78%)."

• "Staff opinion is sought on most important decisions, and managers encourage staff to participate in forums and working groups. Employees confirm that their managers do more listening than telling them what to do (75%)."

The Best Companied list is produced by compiling the results from an anonymous all staff survey. Full details of this year’s survey are available at:


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