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19th Mar 2014

Adviza has once again featured in the Sunday Times List of the 100 Best Not-For-Profit Organisations to Work For.  This is the 4th consecutive year Adviza have featured in the prestigious Top 100 with our position this year being 56th.

For full details of the Sunday Times list visit:

The Sunday Times wrote of the organisation:

THERE'S A HUNGER about this small charity, which helps teenagers and young adults to make better decisions about education, employment and training. Originally set up as Connexions Berkshire in 2002, but renamed Adviza in 2012, it regularly uses food as an informal way of bringing its workforce together to share problems, find answers and perform more effectively.

For an inhouse conference with the theme “one team moving forwards”, staff were asked to organise a “bring and share” lunch, while an awayday held at a school near the main support centre in Bracknell, Berkshire, ended with teams competing in the Great Adviza Bake-Off, making cakes that were then sold to raise money for a local charity.

As a result of such initiatives, employees feel that team members care for one another — they give it an 85% positive score that ranks it seventh among small organisations — and that they are fun to work alongside (82%).

Confidence in the leadership is high, too, and workers believe their manager cares for them as individuals (80%) and regularly expresses appreciation of good work well done (78%). One possible reason for them enjoying their jobs so much could be that the charity recognises the need for a balanced approach to work and family life, so all 210 employees operate flexitime and there are options for further flexibility in needed, such as a nine-day fortnight and a four-and-a-half day week.

An ethos of continuous professional development is another source of satisfaction, and the staff feel their job is good for their personal growth (76%). A workplace survey on education and development led the organisation to join the Charity Learning Consortium, giving access to more than 220 online tutorials, and introduce shorter learning sessions and training within school holidays, to allow the full participation of school advisers.

Staff are supported to gain professional certification to Qualifications and Credit Framework level 6, and the charity has funded the registration of all advisers with the Careers Development Institute, a new professional register for careers practitioners.

Adviza practices what it preaches when it comes to giving young people opportunities to develop. It currently employs three apprentices, including one with special needs, who are working towards national vocational qualifications in business administration.


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