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8th May 2017

Adviza has launched a new programme to upskill employees within small and medium-sized businesses in Buckinghamshire. The offer includes vouchers of £150 for small and medium sized businesses in Buckinghamshire to contribute towards the cost of workplace training. Buckinghamshire Skills Brokerage is delivered by Adviza in partnership with Buckinghamshire Business First and co-funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) and the Skills Funding Agency (SFA).

A recent survey* found that just 39% of Buckinghamshire businesses have their own training plan, the 2nd lowest rate in the country. On average, employers provided 4.2 days of training per employee in Buckinghamshire, but there is a stark difference between small and large employers. While 96% of employers with 100 or more staff offer training, only 51% of those with 2-4 employees do so.

Alix Simpson, Assistant Director Delivery at Adviza explains “We understand that every business has individual skills needs which is why our offer to employers is bespoke to meet their specific requirements.  We are working with Buckinghamshire Business First to help businesses identify any skills gaps through an online tool." 

"Our specialist Skills Advisers will then use their expertise and knowledge of local or national learning and training providers to help find suitable training and development opportunities. Businesses can also receive £150 towards the cost of the training so it’s a win-win!”

Philippa Batting, Managing Director of Buckinghamshire Business First says: “We are delighted to be working with the skills team at Adviza to help encourage businesses to undertake workplace training.  Business owners can use the vouchers to develop new skills or the skills within their existing team.  Nurturing your own talent can help businesses increase productivity and staff retention rates, improve confidence and motivation and drive overall performance levels up.”

To get started, businesses should visit or for more information email or call 01296 329900

* UK Commission’s Employer Skills Survey (UKCESS) 2015


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