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26th Mar 2014

Adviza is proud to be supporting Cegnet, the long-established website for careers professionals and teachers, which is back online today.  The re-launch of the site is timed to coincide with the National Careers Guidance Show in London.  Cegnet has been given a fresh new look and some additional features to help those delivering careers education keep up to date with developments in their sector. 

Cegnet is an independent and free online resource for those delivering careers education, information, advice and guidance (CEIAG).  It also reaches out to employers and business organisations, HE and other education providers, and youth and community organisations contributing to career development of young people and adults.

The site has content from a wide range of organisations and encourages the active involvement of practitioners, who can sign up for regular e-newsletters, join in the discussions on the blog and on social media, and share news, dates for events and links to resources.  Suggestions for content and offers to write for the website are welcomed.

Cegnet was established by VT Careers Management (now Babcock) in 2001 as part of a DfE-funded national support programme for CEIAG.   The website is edited by Anthony Barnes, an independent careers education consultant, supported by Adviza. 

Click here for the Cegnet website.  For all Cegnet enquiries contact: or telephone 0845 408 5002.


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