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3rd Mar 2017

With National Apprenticeship week right around the corner let’s take a look at why Apprenticeships create brilliant opportunities for young people, adults and employers.

Apprenticeships were once seen as a last resort option for students that didn’t make the mark but that’s no longer true! They provide people of all ages with an excellent opportunity to learn new skills and gain valuable experience whilst earning some money.

Apprenticeships are available in more than 1,500 job roles covering more than 170 industries. Across the Thames Valley we’ve estimated that there are at least 20,000 Apprenticeships available.

Adults out of work, in further education or looking for something different, apprenticeships can help you onto a bright future. They can provide you with the ability to upgrade or retrain in a career of your choice! Starting an apprenticeship doesn’t set you back, a quarter of former apprentices had been promoted within 12 months of finishing their course. So excelling within a new diverse job role is a likely outcome!  It’s never been easier to get into a new career so visit GOV.UK and search ‘Find an apprenticeship’ or ‘Find a traineeship’.

Employers are also seeing a great number of benefits coming from hiring apprentices with it being an injection of fresh ideas and an introduction of new enthusiastic talent. This really shows that apprentices are not only seeing the personal benefits but they are also greatly helping businesses to flourish within their respective markets. On the GOV.UK site employers are able to advertise their vacancies so if you are an employer looking to take on some new apprentices take a further look now!

provides a vast amount of opportunities so if you want to learn more about finding an apprenticeship just for you visit GOV.UK! So forget worrying about student loans, start earning and learning today!





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