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23rd Dec 2013

In March this year Adviza bought the trusted careers resource eCLIPS and since then the charity has listened to customer feedback, comments and suggestions and made improvements to the site that will benefit schools and students.

From 2nd January 2014 the site will have a fresh new look, bearing the Adviza branding.  We have taken care to retain the structure and content of the site which has been popular with schools and careers advisers for over 25 years:  the same experienced careers authors write and regularly update each leaflet, liaising with employers and professional bodies, to ensure that the resource is up-to-date, accurate and impartial.

New features:

  • Over 1,000 jobs and careers are covered
  • A new and improved video tour explaining how eCLIPS can benefit schools and students
  • An enhanced  ‘Career Wizard’ which suggests potentially suitable careers based on students’ preferences and interests
  • A ‘how to use’ guide with a list of leaflets associated with school subjects for students looking to explore careers options with their favourite subject
  • Posters and leaflets for schools
  • We are in the process of developing labour market information which will help students see where the jobs are now and will be in the future

eCLIPS has been held at the same price (£170.00) for the past four years. However, from 1st April 2014 we will be increasing the price to £190.00 + VAT for a single site licence.  This increase is based on the smallest price rise necessary to meet our costs whilst still providing the same great service.  Schools who buy Adviza services will still receive the same discount of 25%.

If you have any queries about the product please contact the eCLIPS team on


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