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2nd Apr 2013

We are pleased to announce the careers information website eCLIPS ( has a new owner - Adviza.   

eCLIPS is an online careers and lifestyle information resource for young people and adults.  The product, and the former paper-based version ‘CLIPS’, have been used by careers professionals as a trusted information resource for over 25 years. eCLIPS comprises over 500 electronic leaflets relating to career choice, education, training and employment, as well as information on lifestyle topics such as relationships and health.  Information can be saved on the system and emailed, as well as viewed and printed.  

The product is valued for its painstakingly-researched, detailed and impartial content.  Adviza have retained the same team of writers who ensure the information is regularly checked by industry experts and kept accurate.

Katharine Horler, Adviza’s Chief Executive, commented: “We are delighted to have bought this highly regarded and trusted careers information tool.  The thing that makes eCLIPS special is the quality and the integrity of the information it contains.   We have further development plans for the product but do not want to lose the essence of what keeps eCLIPS special.”

For further details or for a demonstration login, visit:



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