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26th Jun 2014

Adviza is pleased to announce an exciting development for its online careers resource eCLIPS: the addition of live-streamed Labour Market Information (LMI) on its job information sheets.

The information on eCLIPS has been trusted by schools and careers professionals for over 20 years for being up-to-date, accurate and verified by employers. The addition of LMI further enhances students' knowledge of careers in different industries now and in the future as it includes:

  • Average salary
  • Employment by region
  • Gender split
  • Employment by sector
  • Predicted employment
  • Desirable skills
  • Sample vacancies

The LMI is streamed directly and regularly from a number of reputable sources including: The Office for National Statistics, the Labour Force Survey, Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings, UK Commission for Employment and Skills, and the Employer Skills Survey, and therefore offers the most current and reliable representation of the labour market today. 

This new feature has not affected the price which remains at £190 for an annual, single-site licence. 

Contact the eCLIPS team for more information on, visit our online shop to order, or go to to request a demo and take a video tour of the site.


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