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14th May 2013

Adviza is looking for volunteer mentors to get involved in two exciting projects: Lucky Break helps vulnerable and at-risk 16-19 year olds into work and learning by matching them with carefully selected and trained volunteer mentors from the local community.  The Energise programme aims to build resilience, confidence and aspiration in vulnerable 14 and 15 year olds through one-to-one support, group work, residential activities and mentoring. 

We need people who have the ability to offer inspiration and encouragement, have at least a few hours of free time and an interest in working with young people. Mentoring gives volunteers the opportunity to:

• Use their expertise to help unlock a young person’s potential
• Develop their skills, including communication and leadership
• Gain a sense of personal achievement
• Understand more about the issues young people face
• Receive training and personal development opportunities
• Get advice on developing their own career using their existing skills and the ones gained as a mentor.

Click here for more details.


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