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9th Apr 2015

Adviza has received funding for a Department for Education project to provide work tasters and/or work experience placements for young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).

Our aim is to give SEND young people the chance to experience a job role first hand, to challenge stereotypes and asses their restrictions and challenges in the work place. We will be engaging with a wide range of employers to offer the young people high quality placements.

Evidence shows that young people with SEND find the transition to work a lengthy process which can often be de-motivating. Based on this knowledge our support system will accommodate and engage young people once we have identified what will meet their specific needs. We aim to gather information on a range of SEND issues, develop resources and build strong awareness in order to sustain the service in the future.  

In order to develop the project we are looking to engage volunteers to help prepare the young person and/or to support them through the placement.  If you are a volunteer who has a particular interest in working with young people with special needs we want to hear from you.

Please contact Dianne Aston 07747476826 email

A role description can be found on our volunteering page


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