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Careers Planet

Careers Planet is a space-themed resource in which pupils become astronauts and voyage to a make-believe galaxy to discover 23 Careers Planets and the jobs that exist on them.  The pack of activities has been developed by careers professionals to introduce Key Stage 2 and 3 pupils to the world of work in an imaginative way.

  • Launches the concept of job families - each planet represents a family
  • Boosts knowledge and understanding of careers available
  • Encourages investigation of jobs and how they match pupils likes and dislikes
  • Explores the realities of the labour market - competition for jobs, entry routes and requirements
  • Expands pupils horizons about what the future world of work might look like for them

"Activities and resources are fresh and stimulating." Primary school teacher

"Very easy to follow through." Primary school teacher

"Excellent value for money, well thought out, high quality resources."
Secondary school assistant headteacher

A ready-to-run pack of activities

Careers Planet comes in a durable carry case containing everything needed to set up and run each activity:

  • Facilitator’s kit comprising detailed, timed lesson plans
  • Classroom resources, in both photocopiable and electronic format
  • Reference materials for teachers
  • 5 A3 size colour posters to use as game boards
  • Job information sheets.

Start your pupils on their journey into careers space

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Careers and lifestyle resources for schools and colleges to help students make better decisions regarding learning and work.

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