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We run the National Careers Service Inspiration in Custody project across two prisons in the Thames Valley, Bullingdon and Springhill.  The project develops links with employers to provide appropriate learning and training for those in custody as well as employment opportunities upon release.

The project provides:

  • One-to-one sessions with residents – covering potential education options available and possible industries that jobs are available in
  • Workshops – help in preparing their CVs; pre-release coaching; help with disclosure and potential funding available
  • Through the gate support – help with life after they have left prison
  • Employer events with inspirational speakers
  • Employability workshops; Morrisby; CSCS card
  • Presentations from inspirational speakers
  • Support for interview clothes
  • Increased employer engagement

The benefits to those in custody are huge, less time in custody improves families as a whole and the quality of family life, whilst the individual gains self-confidence and respect from their family and friends.  A job also offers structured time, income, an identity, ambition, goals and ultimately hope. Rehabilitation is key to cutting re-offending rates and re-integrating those in custody back into society

Employer Engagement at Springhill

Springhill is an open prison and the residents are at the end of their sentence  This allows them to undertaken community placements and work whilst in custody.

We are currently employing two Springhill residents to provide advice to others in custody as trainees in careers advice and information.  Their role in conjunction with the employer engagement co-ordinator is to identify suitable employers who can recruit potential employees from HMP Springhill and offer them appropriate positions or work experience.  Their first-hand experience makes them ideally placed to connect with their peers, earn their trust and support their needs, particularly in relation to self-confidence.

From an employer’s point of view, the key benefits to working with Springhill residents are:

  • Tackling skills shortage - access to a wide pool of reliable and loyal employees with appropriate skills
  • Carefully screened workers who want to work
  • Worker reliability
  • Up to 350 men live at Springhill and there is a diverse mix of talent from machine operators to graphic designers, chefs, assembly workers and more.

If you are an employer interested in getting in touch, please contact Stacey Smith at Springhill on 01296 445000.


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