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"I am happy now I have a job"

Ahmed was referred to the National Careers Service by his coach at the job centre. He had recently been made redundant from a retail company and was looking for a new career.

Together Ahmed and his careers adviser reviewed his skills and experiences, updated his CV and worked out the kinds of job roles that would suit his existing experience in hospitality and tourism.

Since his appointments with the National Careers Service, Ahmed has successfully gained employment as a cleaner on aircraft.

“I am happy now I have a job, and the advice given to me by my adviser was very good. I know how to apply for new training courses if I need to and I feel much more confident with my CV,” explains Ahmed.

“English is not my first language and my adviser helped me to understand what to put on my CV, as well as understanding my transferable skills gained from previous job roles. I would recommend the National Careers Service to anyone needing help finding a job.”


Neilja was visiting the Galleries shopping centre in Bristol when she saw a pop up shop featuring the National Careers Service. Feeling dissatisfied with her current job packing bananas in a factory, she decided to go in and make an appointment.

Neilja desperately wanted a new job as the factory was very hard work, with a lot of heavy lifting impacting her health and wellbeing. However, she did not know where to turn as English was not her first language and she had no qualifications that would be recognised in the UK.

Neilja was assigned both a careers adviser and a progression adviser. The careers adviser would assist her with improving her CV while the progression adviser was on hand to support with job searching and practising for job interviews.

Neilja was interested in working in either the catering industry or as a care assistant but needed further qualifications to help her stand out to potential employers. She was encouraged to undertake a Food Hygiene course, and for while she was studying, her careers adviser also helped her successfully find a temporary job.

Neilja is now working hard and supporting herself financially while she gains the necessary qualifications to achieve her career aim of working as a catering assistant in a café.


*I am a lot more confident"

Mother of three small children, Rachel* was working in the HR department for a large pharmaceutical company when the business went into administration. The National Careers Service was called in by the company to help the workforce move forward.

“The workshops run by the National Careers Service were incredibly practical, with easy to use formats and the information given was totally relevant to myself and my colleagues,” explains Rachel.

“We looked at things like transferable skills, salary issues, CV’s and covering letters and of course completing application forms. I personally have updated my CV and looked at some of the sites suggested in my personal action plan.”

“We looked at providers offering the sort of training some of my colleagues and myself might need, and looked at some of the ways I can continue to work at varying hours” she says.

“Knowing that there is real practical support and guidance out there has been amazing. I am a lot more confident knowing that life doesn’t end at redundancy. I have some tools to update my CV, sites to look at for guidance and support from companies such as National Careers Service and DWP.”

“I would urge anyone in a similar situation to contact National Careers Service to speak to an adviser one to one. They have helped so much and I am really grateful for the support.”


"I feel much more prepared"

Ashley had been working at a local hospital as a ward assistant but phoned the National Careers Service as he was interested in moving into the retail sector.

Ashley had also been diagnosed with Autism which meant he had anxieties about the interview process and whether his disability would be a barrier to his new employment.

“I met with an adviser at my local library and I was supported to think in more detail about the types of roles I wanted to apply for. We reviewed my skills and experiences and I was also given information about where to search for local vacancies.”

“Together we also reviewed and updated my CV. I have now have a skills based CV, which is tailored more towards retail work and clearly lists the skills I can offer,” explains Ashley.

Since meeting with the National Careers Service Ashley has now uploaded his CV to a number of job sites and enrolled on a Customer Service course.

“I am still job searching but I do feel much more confident and I know that my employability prospect have improved. I have more confidence in my applications and although interviews are still a daunting prospect I feel much more prepared after completing my mock interview.

My adviser also gave me advice on how and when it would be best to discuss my Autism diagnosis with employers and this has given me confidence,” says Ashley.


"It could change your life"

Denise contacted the National Careers Service after deciding to close down her transport business. She wanted help to find a career that would see her through to retirement age.

Denise’s careers adviser helped her to undertake a digital IT course, and gave her the tools to update her CV. Together they did mock interviews as well as register Denise with a number of local and online recruitment agencies.

Denise is now in the process of applying for a civil service job with her local council alongside closing down her transport business. She would really like to secure a job in the civil service as she identified this would best suit her skills of communication, language and current qualifications.  

Reflecting on her experience of using the National Careers Service, Denise said; “Go ahead and make the appointment – it could change your life. My careers adviser was a lovely person with an empathetic and caring nature who was knowledgeable about the local opportunities and very supportive. I am determined to get a positive result and will not give up until I have secured a job offer."

* name changed to protect identity


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