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"New way of working"   Berks school

Huge thank you to Adviza who have been able to complete remote careers appointments with Maiden Erlegh Chiltern Edge students this week. Great support even in this ‘new’ way of working. Student feedback been overwhelmingly positive.

"Helpful, friendly and understanding"   Oxford school

We feel very lucky to have [adviser] as part of our extended careers team and we know that we can always call upon her if we need additional help. I cannot fault her performance – she is well organised, communicates clearly and professionally and has a great rapport with students and staff. [Adviser] is always helpful, friendly and understanding, and her knowledge of the opportunities available to young people is second to none.

"Very prepared"   Adult customer

I just wanted to message you and say thank you so much for everything you taught me in the course we did! I've just had a phone call to say I've been a successful applicant for a teacher assistant job... I did everything you advised us on and went in to my interview very prepared!

"Brilliant CV"   Adult customer

Thank you so much, that is a brilliant CV! I would hire myself immediately ;)

"A massive thank you"   College in Oxon

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for running the two workshops for us. We have received such positive feedback, I hope that you and the National Careers Service are able to do more workshops in the future.

"Very professional"   Adult customer

I would like to insist on the fact that I feel very lucky to have you as an advisor. You have, since the beginning, been very helpful, polite, patient and very professional. So thank you so much for that.

"Excellent careers adviser"   Bucks school

Delighted to have Adviza working with the school. Excellent careers adviser with a wealth of experience and very skilled at her work. Students speak very highly of careers advice received from her.

"Very confident"   Young person

I had no idea what I was doing after my GCSEs and now I am very confident with what I want to do and how to achieve that.

"Fantastic meeting"   Adult customer

After a fantastic meeting with (adviser) I have attended a suggested job fair and also have significantly changed the layout of my CV. Moreover, I managed to gain some confidence, which I lacked before our meeting. Thanks to (adviser) I am to change my career after three years of fruitless search. I have happily found the job I wanted and being offered a new exciting opportunity. Thank you for your time and help. I managed to save myself from the dead end vicious cycle I was in. And not to forget I will be much better paid in my new job. Our quality of life will improve significantly. 

"Glowing endorsement"   Morrisby customer

I just wanted you to know that I was really pleased with the Morrisby Test feedback, and incorporated much of the commentary into my CV, adapting my job filtering accordingly. I am pleased to say that I have been offered and accepted a role! I can't wait! Thanks for all your help and support - I will be providing a glowing endorsement of the benefits to jobseekers of taking the Morrisby Test.

"Incredible work"   Volunteer counsellor

As a volunteer I have always felt so incredibly valued and supported by everyone within the organisation (which is why I have stayed for so long!).  I have learned a great deal over the years - both from my colleagues within the organisation and, of course, from the amazing young people who have enabled me to be part of their lives for a short time – and I certainly wouldn’t be the counsellor I am today without Time to Talk. I can honestly say I have felt so privileged to have been part of the team over these years and very proud to have been able to share your incredible work for the young people of Buckinghamshire.

"Very inspiring"   Adult customer

Thank you very much for your time yesterday. I left feeling very positive and looking forward to getting back into work. I have had a good review of my CV and really like the layout and its content, It really says a lot about my achievements and skills. I will keep you informed with my progress. I also thank you for the work you and the Adviza team carry out in helping people get back on track, Its very inspiring.

"Found a job"   Adult customer

Thank you so much for your help, on Tuesday after I got my CV, I went around and I managed to find a job.

"Confidence boost"   Adult customer

Thanks for the advice and guidance you gave me today. You have given me the confidence boost I've needed to realise that my skills, training and life experience can still be of some value and that I can still make a difference and help others as I have done in the past, Instead of pushing trolleys.

"Great advice"   Parent

Life for A with ME has been very depressing and full of negatives. She’s a very academic creature and was full of ambition before she became ill. Today for you maybe a regular meeting but for us a glimmer of hope, reassurance and the feeling of being understood, listened to and the feeling of worry about the future was erased. So thank you for treating A like an individual, for your kindness and your great advice.

"Pleased with the service"   Berkshire school

Further to our conversation the other day, I wanted to put in writing this positive feedback we received about Adviza. During a recent Governors meeting we discussed our careers provision and talked about the service we receive from Adviza.  We told them that you provide 1-2-1 guidance meetings for our students and then produce detailed and tailored Action Plans for them to work from based on realistic analysis of their aims and aspirations and matched to predicted grades.  Students feel supported and receive clear guidance for their next steps in applying for apprenticeships, college and 6th Form places. The Governors and Senior Leadership looked at samples of anonymised Action Plans and were very impressed at how thorough they were. Everyone is very pleased with the service we receive from Adviza and we plan to continue using your services in the future.

"Fantastic at engaging our learners"   Bucks school

You [careers adviser] have a fantastic way to engage the learners, even the most difficult learners. You have great ideas to help the learners in their path to College, training and employment, supporting them at every stage in the process, from start to finish. You are friendly, always positive and this is so important with our young people as they feel they can talk to you and you will listen to what they say and you go out of your way to ensure they have a career path. We all appreciate the time and effort you put in every time we see you.

"Really friendly and helpful"   Adult customer

I think the advice given gave me lots of confidence and more practically, lots of good tips to improve my CV and cover letter skills. Thanks so much, your advisor was also really friendly and helpful.

"Had a very positive effect on me"   Adult customer

The service from the first contact was excellent. I had a telephone conversation with a man who was positive and reassuring and booked an appointment for the following day. Clare was encouraging and helped me explore what I wanted to do not just what type of job I could get at 54. I really would not have believed what was possible. As a result of Clare’s support, action plan and enthusiasm I have decided to start a City and Guild’s course to become a level 3 qualified electrician. She helped me revise my CV and an approach letter to plan for finding work. I have worked with people and customers as a supervisor and Manager for over 30 years and this level of competence and positivity is rare in my experience. Many people don’t understand how difficult redundancy is emotionally. This experience has had a very positive effect on me.

"Truly invaluable"   Adult customer

Thank you again for your excellent service, it was truly invaluable and helped me when I really wasn't coping.

"Professional service"   Adult customer

You delivered more than I could have hoped for. Thank you for providing such a professional service and preparing most effectively in advance.

"Really focused and motivated me"   Adult Customer

Your service really focused and motivated me to make the move to something new. At 51 I thought I had very little chance of getting something so good. Your help with my CV was excellent and advice on training courses pointed me in the right direction - I'm hoping to start something in September after I've got a couple of months settling in under my belt. I have been so impressed that I've passed your details to a colleague of mine who is in a similar position and encouraged her to call.

"Highly recommended"   PSHCE Coordinator

"The careers guidance service we receive from Adviza is consistently professional, student centred and efficient, and best of all is flexible to our needs. I would highly recommend it." 


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Huge thank you to Adviza who have been able to complete remote careers appointments with Maiden Erlegh Chiltern Edge students this...

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