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9th Jan 2020

Adviza is delighted to announce that it has retained its Merlin Standard accreditation and, following reassessment in November, has moved from a good rating last time to excellent. 

The Merlin Standard assesses an organisation's partnership working within supply chains. The Assessors found many improvements over the last two years, including improved supply chain review and enhanced performance and quality monitoring.

Adviza is particularly pleased with the result as we had been told that the standard has become more challenging and most organisations go down on reassessment. We are delighted to be one of the few organisations that has bucked the trend.

Some of the comments received from the Assessors:

  • They praised the strength of our relationships with partners and the way we use these to widen access to services for our customers to give them holistic support.
  • They felt that the relationships we create reflect “grown up” working by identifying which organisation is best placed to help and having conversations about market share and volumes with no negative judgements made about anyone who asks for a reduction.
  • They saw good examples of the upskilling of all staff regardless of who they work for.
  • They were very complimentary about the compliance and quality approach that we take and saw it as collaborative and positive and they thought that our performance management was very good with plenty of celebration of good practice.
  • They felt that we are well connected nationally and that this has benefits for us and our supply chain.

There are no significant areas for improvement but the report identified a few minor things to consider around environmental sustainability, communicating self-assessment plans, deepening our relationship with subcontractors and improving contract closure planning. As an organisation that systematically considers continuous improvements in our work, we welcome the opportunity for an independent overview of how others rate us and areas for further development.

The full report can be found on the Merlin Standard website.


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