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Find out how our National Careers Service advisers have adapted their support to meet the needs of our customers during COVID-19: 


Ryan*, aged  31, had been working is hospitality and catering but was looking to make a move into the care sector. He booked an appointment with the National Careers Service to discuss the move and how best to complete it.

Due to COVID-19 the adviser conducted a telephone guidance service. They established that Ryan would like help to review his CV, targeting it towards a role in care, and to identify the best routes into the role.

They spent time discussing the ways in which Ryan’s CV could be updated, including laying out the information differently, adding in skills and a personal profile written specifically for care jobs. They agreed that using agencies would be a good way into the role and provide an opportunity to establish whether Ryan would enjoy the job. In addition, the adviser suggested enrolling onto some courses that are relevant to care roles.

Shortly after receiving his new CV Ryan applied for a job, was given a trial shift later on the same week and was then offered a job.

Ryan says he is happy with the service provided and that the advice given to him encouraged him to start applying for roles so quickly. He is still hoping to utilise the available training and hopes this helps his career to grow.


Anita*, aged 23, has built a career as a sports therapist, working with individuals with injuries or in recovery. This is something she is passionate about, however, due to the COVID-19 she is unable to work.

The adviser conducted a telephone guidance service with Anita, establishing that she would like help to review her CV and discuss a temporary move into the care sector. Anita is keen to have a second career to fall back to should she ever choose to leave sports therapy.

They agreed to focus on domiciliary care roles. To assist with moving into a new career the adviser suggested some websites to explore, reviewed her CV and helped her aim it towards care. They also  suggested online learning.

Anita emailed shortly after her initial appointment to say that she had very quickly been offered multiple interviews for domiciliary care roles and had been offered one of them. She is very excited to have a new role that still allows her to help others.

Anita was pleased with the service and found the advice helpful. She is looking forward to starting in a new role and exploring a new career. She said: “I'm over the moon, so happy – if I enjoy it I can have this as a side hustle alongside my business. Thanks for your advice."


Paul*, approaching 50, had been unemployed for 6 months and was looking for a career change. Due to COVID-19 he was offered support over the phone and by email, which suited Paul as he was self-isolating away from his family.  He was initially referred for support with online learning, but as he and his adviser talked it became apparent that updating his CV was his main focus.

The adviser helped him to review his CV, discussed the local labour market and created a one page CV version aimed towards the driving jobs that he wanted to apply for to get him back out there and working. They also discussed various online courses that he could use to help fill his time on lockdown including ‘The Skills Toolkit’ courses that had just been launched by the Government.

Paul was very pleased with his CV and has started a course from The Skills Toolkit in Internet Security.


Raj* plans to return to work after the lockdown. He got in touch by email for support with interview techniques and a telephone guidance session was set up to review his situation and to carry out a mock interview.

During the appointment he discussed with his adviser his future career plans and they gave him advice on how to improve his applications and ideas on where to search for opportunities. They also discussed using this time to look at new skills. They then carried out the mock interview which was a very real experience and particularly relevant as many interviews are now taking place over the phone.

Raj was positive about the telephone service and was pleased that he was able to access the service without having to wait for a face-to-face appointment. He feels that he will now be able to get a head start on applying for work. He has registered his interest for an online course in food hygiene and has registered as a volunteer so that he can be more productive during this time. He has also started to dress smartly to put himself in the best frame of mind for the interview. He says he found the support "very useful and beneficial”.

* name changed to protect identity


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