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Buckinghamshire Skills Brokerage has been developed to upskill employees within small and medium-sized businesses in Buckinghamshire. The programme is delivered by Adviza in partnership with Buckinghamshire Business First and co-funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) and the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA).

The programme offers a bespoke solution for businesses comprising:

  • An online business diagnostic tool developed by Buckinghamshire Business First to identify skills gaps.
  • The support of Adviza’s specialist Skills Advisers to help find suitable training and development opportunities.
  • By the end of 2018 over 1500 businesses had completed the free diagnostic to identify the specific areas of need and with the support of our Skills Advisers have discovered the most appropriate training to take.

"What I found really helpful was being able to prioritise the tasks which I need to complete which has made everything much more manageable. I would recommend the training and I am very likely to attend again later in the year!" - , Kerrie Brindle, BeneFIT Health and Wellbeing

Take a look at our case studies featuring some of the businesses we have worked with, each of whom had different business requirements and have found the service invaluable.

Embracing digital marketing
A successful sole trader of 14 years was experiencing declining enquiries via his website and used the service to tackle his online presence

Neil Symington - Personal Trainer

Boosting presentation skills
A business coach of 8 years wanted to improve his presentation skills and took advantage of the
voucher boost his skills

Mark Harris - Enterprise Doctor

Conquering SEO
An entrepeneur wanted to understand more about
SEO and use it to springboard his new venture
for charities

Ian McLintock - Alumna Ltd

Streamlining administrative tasks
A private GP practice wanted to improve their
knowledge of word processing

Cathy Stewart - My Specialist GP


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