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To access all the features on this portal your school will need to have the Careers Guidance For You service. If you want to find out more about the service please contact [email protected] for details.

Exam Results Day 2022 – Save the date!

A Levels: Thursday 18 August 2022
GCSE: Thursday 25 August 2022

Need help? If you need to speak to an adviser about exam results, the Exam Results Helpline provided by the National Careers Service is available and offering free advice to students and parents.

Call 0800 100 900 from Thursday 18th August until Friday 2nd September
(weekdays from 8am to 8pm and 10am to 5pm each Saturday)

For some useful tips, information and links, check out our Results Day Blog or watch our Exam Results video below

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    Congratulations! Hope you were happy with your GCSE grades. You’re now studying the subjects that you have chosen in preparation for university, a degree/advanced apprenticeship and perhaps a gap year in between?

    As well as studying hard there’s a lot of research to do over the next year to ensure you have all the information you need to make the right choices about after Year 13.

    Getting started

    Young person talking to mentorKey actions for years 12/13:
    • Work hard!
    • Maintain good attendance at school/college
    • Revise for mock exams, they’re important and give you an idea of what you are likely to achieve at the end of Year 13. Your teachers will use your mock grades for your university reference!
    • Think about which subjects you’re enjoying most and may want to carry on with at a higher level
    • If you’re struggling with any subjects and/or workload talk to your teachers and get help
    • Research university courses – see eCLIPS for leaflets about applying to university, ideas for higher university courses and taking a year out, and check out the other useful websites on our handy list
    • Be realistic with choices, don’t waste any by applying for courses that are way out of reach! Talk to your teachers!
    • Apply for apprenticeships if you’re not wanting to go to university. There are a lot of great opportunities to work, gain higher level qualifications and not have any student debt! Find out more about apprenticeships and other alternatives to university by checking out the websites on our useful websites list.

    Career ideas

    • Continue to research careers using useful websites and look at labour market information. This will tell you how competitive jobs are, where they are available and information about salaries
    • Attending any events both in and out of school to have the opportunity to talk to those in jobs that interest you
    • You may have the opportunity to undertake work experience and work shadowing may be essential for some degree course e.g. veterinary science. Check with universities as requirements can vary
    • Have a question? You may be able to see your Careers Adviser in school or you can talk to a Careers Adviser via webchat
    • Use the eCLIPS website - go to the Careers section which gives information on specific jobs
    • Use the Career Wizard tool to match careers to your interests.

    Chat to an adviser                    Explore eCLIPS

    Planning ahead

    Young male student on laptopYou want to be as prepared as possible so it's important to plan ahead:

    • Apply for university – if you plan to defer make sure you have your year out well planned. You may want to work to save some money, travel, undertake a project or a mix of these things
    • Apply for Apprenticeships if you’re not wanting to go to university
    • Visit universities of interest. Never accept an offer at a university that you haven’t visited
    • You can apply for more than one option, you are not committing yourself and remember to ALWAYS HAVE A BACK-UP PLAN!
    Decisions timeline:

    Check the planner below for key activity dates. You don’t want to miss any!


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    Useful websites

    We've compiled a list of useful websites to help you at each stage.


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