In the intricate journey of career progression, there are individuals like Iryna who, despite facing daunting challenges, find their way to success through the guidance and support from organisations like Adviza. Iryna's story is not just a testament to her resilience, but also shines a light on how Adviza's services, can be a guiding light for those navigating the labyrinth of job seeking in unfamiliar territories.

Iryna's Journey: Overcoming Adversity

Iryna's journey began as a single mother, uprooted from her homeland as a result of war, she sought refuge in the UK over a year ago. Armed with determination she faced the British job market and found herself at a crossroads:

“I used to be a tour guide in Ukraine, showing people the sights and explaining the history. I knew that I wanted to do something different in England but everything was new and I didn’t understand the job application process at all. This and the lack of job knowledge generally was a barrier to me securing work earlier.”

Discovering Adviza: Accessing the National Careers Service

She was matched with a work coach at the Job Centre, who introduced her to an invaluable resource that is the National Careers Service webinars delivered by Adviza. Reflecting on her experience, Iryna emphasised the pivotal role these webinars played in her transformational journey:

“My work coach from the Job Centre advised me about Adviza webinars. I participated in two of them: Civil Service and Adviza SWAP (Sector-based Work Academy Programme) webinars. First of all, Adviza webinars are provided prior to a vacancy or vacancies being advertised so they make sure applicants are both definite about applying and are as well prepared for the interview as they can be. They are short, about 1-2 days, and provide the most valuable information on how you need to prepare. Simon, the main speaker on my webinars, not only instructed but gave practice tests so everybody could understand how we were meant to answer the interview questions.”

The Impact of Webinars: Empowering Transformation

This strategic approach to the webinars, coupled with insightful guidance from experts like Simon, equipped Iryna with the essential tools to navigate the job application process with confidence. She learned the importance of crafting tailored applications, showcasing her transferable skills, and aligning them with the job requirements.

Everything depends on you being organised and focused, practising possible questions, and controlling your time.

“The Adviza webinars helped me to understand why just sending CVs to many companies does not work. Along with your CV, you need a cover letter where you can give further proof that your skills and experience match the job requirements. Perhaps the most valuable things I learned from the webinars were how to use your experience to answer interview questions, and that British employers are willing to teach you a new profession, but you need to be able to present your transferable skills and experience to encourage them to invest in you. So actually, during the interview preparation, I analysed my achievements during my life. Everything depends on you being organised and focused, practising possible questions, and controlling your time.”

Seizing Opportunities: Persistence Pays Off

This newfound understanding empowered Iryna to approach each application with precision and purpose. The Civil Service application process spanned three months. Yet, Iryna remained steadfast, seizing every opportunity to hone her skills and refine her approach.

“I applied for the Civil Service initially and their application process ran for three months. I took a temporary job in that time but every time I got a new task from the recruiting team, I concentrated on it."

It was during this period that Adviza presented another avenue: a webinar on applying for a career adviser role within the organisation. Intrigued by the prospect, Iryna also embraced the opportunity, further enriching her toolkit for success.

This investment really paid off for me: I started to work for Adviza and hope I will be able to help people whatever their circumstances with their job search.

“Then Adviza offered a webinar on how to apply for a career adviser role. It seemed interesting, so I took it. I think you should apply for some positions but not too many, and follow all the requirements. With Adviza’s guidance and detailed instructions, I successfully completed all stages of my application.”

Iryna went through the recruitment process and was successfully appointed as a trainee Careers Adviser. 

“I know the long application process can be exhausting but if you consider it as ‘I am going to have a great experience no matter the outcome’ you can learn a lot. You can apply for any job after such experience! This investment really paid off for me: I started to work for Adviza and hope I will be able to help people whatever their circumstances with their job search. My goal is to gain the knowledge and skills to become a qualified careers adviser.”

Success and Beyond: A Journey of Growth

Today, Iryna stands as a testament to the transformative power of perseverance and receiving support and guidance. Her journey from leaving her previous career in Ukraine to moving to the UK and becoming an empowered career adviser is a testament to Adviza’s commitment to not only supporting individuals but also recognising and nurturing talent.

In her reflection, Iryna offered a valuable suggestion to enhance the webinar experience, requesting more detailed information about the webinars we promote on the Adviza website. Thank you for this valid suggestion, Iryna. We are committed to addressing all feedback received to ensure services remain relevant and impactful for all.

As Iryna continues to chart her course in the role of career advising, her story serves as an inspiration to us all. It's a reminder that with a willing attitude, and the right support system, even the most daunting challenges can be overcome, paving the way for a brighter, more fulfilling future.

At Adviza, we are proud to have been a part of Iryna's journey, and we remain focused in our commitment to empowering individuals like her to unlock their full potential, one step at a time.


12th March 2024


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