Adviza has received a grant from the Police and Crime Commissioner Community Fund to deliver a four-week course for individuals who are persistently caught in the re-offending loop.

The course will be delivered within the Thames Valley and aims to address barriers to engagement with society, including personal confidence, anxiety and self-worth. It will be run as a sub-set of Adviza’s existing Project Bloom course, and is designed to onboard some of the more challenging individual cases into the program and achieve successful outcomes that help them integrate socially. 

Earlier this month, Adviza CEO, Mark Hilton, and Head of Government and Statutory Fundraising, Caroline Isaac-Hamdan, received the funding cheque from Matthew Barber and Jason Hogg, respectively the Police and Crime Commissioner and Police Chief Constable for the Thames Valley.

The program tackles the root causes of violence, such as lack of stable employment and positive role models. Individuals will have personalised plans, which will address themes such as core reasons for offending/reoffending, communication, speaking and listening, working with others, managing emotion and self-confidence. 


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21st March 2024