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Living in an ever-changing world, there is so much to consider when thinking about what career to aim for in the future. With new technology and new ways of working, there will be jobs available to you that haven’t even been thought of yet! This may seem a little daunting and exciting all at the same time.

This page aims to help you consider careers of the future; and we will be sure to add more as we learn of new developments. It provides information on some of the upcoming and more obscure jobs out there as well as giving ideas for how to effectively career plan in a fast paced digital world.

We hope you enjoy hearing all about what the future may hold for your career!

Our podcast chat with Tom Cheesewright, Applied Futurist:

Listen to us chat with Tom Cheesewright, the applied futurist, author and broadcaster, about careers of the future. We discuss what the labour market may look like in years to come, the skills that will be most sought after and how you can best prepare for a career in an ever-changing world.

Think about your career in the long term and the things you are good at; the things you enjoy; the things that the world needs; and the things that people will pay you for....ultimately you're trying to get to a point in your career where you've got a balance between those four.

(Tom Cheesewright, 2022)

If you enjoyed this, listen to more discussions about the future with Tom's Talk about Tomorrow podcasts, including more on The Three Cs.

Video presentations: future careers

Why not sit back and watch these short presentations about upcoming careers?

Working in: Influencing and Blogging

Working in: eSports

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The world really is a fast developing place! Why not learn more about the different types of careers by visiting the eCLIPS careers resource, our see your future...be your future page or by listening to some of our career chat podcasts?

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