Kelly’s journey with Adviza showcases the transformative power of tailored support in personal and professional development. From struggling with communication and confidence to securing part-time employment and re-entering education, her success story demonstrates the impact of the dedicated assistance she received.

In March 2023, Kelly was introduced to Adviza through the Skill Up Bucks project. Prior to this, she was not engaged in education or employment and was seeking help in securing part-time work. Her primary obstacles included a lack of confidence and shyness, hindering her ability to initiate conversations with new individuals or make phone calls.

About life before her journey began with Adviza, Kelly said;  “I was in section three in the Psychiatric ward, I was isolated from all my friends and community. I had no idea how to go back to normal. I felt out of place and didn’t even have any qualifications to my name. I didn’t see any way out; after being discharged, I thought I’d relapse mentally and go back to the hospital. Before I left the hospital I started applying to colleges and jobs but didn’t think it would happen. I thought no one would accept me for the way I was.”

Mesoni, an experienced key worker at Adviza, began working with Kelly as part of the Skill Up Bucks project, understanding her needs and formulating a roadmap for her to progress in learning and work. Together, they navigated the process of applying for The Prince's Trust Team programme, which is facilitated by Adviza. Kelly embarked on this self-development course in the May.

Overall, it helped my well-being to accomplish all the things I didn’t know I could do before.

Kelly shared; “Adviza aided my stability after being discharged from the hospital, as I had someone there to help me get back into the real world. It gave me strength. I had someone on the end of the phone if I ever needed. It has given me tremendous progress and took me back into the community. I got into The Prince's Trust program with other people like me. It also helped me get into education, which I didn’t think was possible again. And overall, it helped my well-being to accomplish all the things I didn’t know I could do before.”

During The Prince's Trust 12 week programme Kelly was able to establish herself as part of a team of young people developing key employability skills. The program offered a platform for community engagement, fostering her confidence through various activities, including fundraising and work experience. This course encouraged her to interact with young people from different backgrounds. It helped her empathise with others, set boundaries, and develop her leadership skills. The successful participation in the programme resulted in Kelly earning a Level 1 Certificate in Employment, Teamwork, and Community Skills. 

What Kelly said about her time on Team; “The Prince's Trust Team programme helped me feel a part of something and connected me to the world again. I reconnected with old friends and made new friends and new memories. I helped the community by organising a multicultural carnival, which I helped the Mayor of Aylesbury to attend. I gave back to the community and realised I was capable of helping others” 

After graduating from the Team programme at the end of July, Kelly then went on to access continued support through another of Adviza's projects, Building Futures, working with Mesoni again on a 1:1 basis. 

During this time they reviewed and updated her CV using the skills-based layout, added her transferable skills gained from her time on Team programme and rewrote her personal statement. Mesoni coached Kelly on how to highlight her skills to potential future employers and taught the importance of being able to articulate herself during an interview process. Also mentoring her on how to use the SMART interview technique and completing mock interviews.

Together they uploaded her new CV online and went through the effective ways to use the app, giving Kelly the confidence to search and apply for suitable positions.

After six months of the Adviza Team supporting Kelly, she now works part-time as a Catering Assistant, whilst also studying at college for a Level 2 Diploma for the Early Years Practitioner and resitting her GCSE Maths and English.

As a result of receiving support from Adviza I have learnt that it's never too late, and no matter your circumstances, you can overcome your struggles and become a better person.

Kelly said about her experience; “As a result of receiving support from Adviza I have learnt that it's never too late, and no matter your circumstances, you can overcome your struggles and become a better person. Although I may not be where everyone else is, that doesn’t mean I should give up. These projects helped me not give up. And giving up is easy, but the projects made it worth the struggles and hardship. It took me back to education and slowly helped me catch up with my peers. It gave me the confidence and self-esteem to do so. It even helped me be more productive, as I’m in part-time work and full-time education; it helped to add routine, purpose, and meaning to my life, which was missing before and was needed.”

Kelly expressed that the staff establishing a rapport with her ensured ongoing assistance, which she valued through regular meetings. She has noticed a significant development in her confidence and communication skills, expressing her delight in having secured employment and earning a substantial income.

Kelly said; “For anyone interested in an Adviza course, go for it, as it is life-changing; you have nothing to lose; it’s very productive. Look at what it has done to my life; it could change your life similarly. Support from Adviza isn’t only about being given education or career advice but also about having a support system. It is easier to do it with someone knowledgeable than by myself.”

Kelly's journey embodies the ethos of Adviza—where tailored guidance paves the way for individuals to overcome barriers, harness their potential, and embark on fulfilling educational and career paths. Her story is a testament to the profound impact of personalised support in fostering personal growth and achieving aspirations.


*young person’s name has been changed for this blog


22nd January 2024


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