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Last year, the government decided to make our post GCSE education more in tune with what local businesses need. So, in 2022, the
Skills and Post-16 Education Act was rolled out. The goal? To make sure college courses and training are really well aligned with what local companies are looking for.

Over the summer, 38 areas in the UK, including our own, launched Local Skills Improvement Plans (LSIPs for short). These plans are all about identifying the sectors that need the most help to plug skills gaps: teaming up businesses, colleges and other big players to make sure our education's hitting the mark to fill skills shortages and co-designing your future with the companies you might work for!

The Secretary of State for Education gave all these plans the thumbs up, and there's going to be a check-up every year to keep them fresh and relevant. Here's where it gets even better: there's a huge fund called the Local Skills Improvement Fund (LSIF) with £165 million up for grabs over two years. This money's all about boosting your training, recruitment, revamping places where you learn, and making sure you have top-notch educators leading the way. This means our colleges and training spots will be in sync with what's needed out there in the job market, and giving you the best shot possible at rewarding and secure careers.

For us here at Adviza, this is major news. We need to keep tabs on where the jobs are now and in the future, both locally and beyond, and knowing these trends is going to be a game-changer when guiding you on your career path.

So, for all of you, we're launching the ‘Skills We Need Now’ series on our portal. Every week, we'll spotlight the different priority job sectors right here in Bucks. We'll focus on careers, courses, and how to get your foot in the door. Plus, we'll start organising webinars, podcasts and all the updates you need as new initiatives are launched. 

Stay tuned, and let’s shape your future together!



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