Aylesbury Prince's Trust Team

Team Challenge - July 2023


The Team Challenge is an opportunity for young people participating in the Prince’s Trust Team programme to engage in an activity that has a positive impact on people within the local community.

Our current participants in Aylesbury all share an interest in bringing together people from different cultures and ethnic backgrounds to promote diversity, inclusivity and equality—so for their challenge, they decided to put on a multicultural carnival.

The aim of the carnival was to integrate different groups and introduce them to different foods and music in a safe setting, encouraging members of the community to build new connections and meet new people.

Our young people first completed a fundraiser to raise the money needed to host the event. They constructed a pop-up charity shop in Aylesbury Town, courtesy of Age UK (Milton Keynes) who donated shop stock for them to sell.

On the day there were plenty of interactive activities. These included a world buffet, with local businesses providing a range of food free of charge; a local reggae group performing live music, and a dance performance by women from a local Asian dance group.

The Prince

The Prince

The young people hosted the guests superbly and interacted well with the community. They provided games such as chess, connect 4, cards, drafts and family board games. They also developed their own playlist which included music from all over the world.

All attendees ate, danced, played games and made new friends; the carnival was a huge success!

The Mayor of Aylesbury actively supported the event and came by to congratulate the young people on their hard work and achievement creating this fantastic experience for the local community and planning such a diverse event.

The Prince


The Prince's Trust Team Programme will next start in September 2023.


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16th August 2023