Adviza’s services are available via the MoJ Probation Services (PQQ 205) and HM Prison  (PQQ 139) Dynamic Provisioning Systems in several different categories.  This popular procurement method is used by a number of public sector organisations to select suppliers – even those outside of the MoJ.

We are currently included within 4 sections of Probation Catalogues: 
  • DF2 Education Training and Employment
  • DF 6 Lifestyle and Associates 
  • DF 8 Social Inclusion  
  • DF 7 Emotional Wellbeing

Within the Prison Education Continuous DPS (PQQ 139) we are listed under:  

  • Section 14 (Services to support individuals with Additional Learning Needs) 
  • Section 17 (Preparation for work and Careers Information, Advice and Guidance)  
Benefits relating to procurement reforms

Adviza’s inclusion in the catalogues means it is easier for the Probation Service, HM Prisons, the Police and local authorities to access our expert services within areas such as developing employability skills, numeracy training, careers guidance, supporting disadvantaged individuals, and minimising the risk of reoffending as prisoners transition to civilian life.

In line with procurement reforms, authorities who choose to work with Adviza can be sure they are engaging an organisation with a strong regional footprint and a commitment to driving social value in three ways:

  • Our commitment to deliver social mobility through greater opportunities in learning and work for all individuals.
  • Our extensive network of local services, agencies and partner employers who stand to benefit from our enhanced access to opportunities.
  • Through our regional employability programmes, designed to develop and retain critically important, high-demand skills within our regions.

Promoting social value for individuals

Adviza has deep expertise and passion for bringing social mobility to individuals and communities. Part of the DNA of employability and education training within our regions, we have demonstrable success in improving employability, awareness of education and careers, and confidence and wellbeing for thousands of people within the Thames Valley, South West and elsewhere.

Our mission is to improve opportunities in learning and work for all, and we are increasingly focused on social mobility and justice as we work harder than ever to reach those furthest away, and hardest to reach, from mainstream provision.

To learn more about how to access Adviza through the MoJ DPS, please contact [email protected].


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30th November 2023