Mark Hilton

We welcome Mark Hilton to Adviza as interim CEO, and thank Katherine Horler for many years of passionate and dedicated leadership as she moves on to pastures new.

Having joined Adviza as COO in late 2022, Mark now steps into his new role with immediate effect. A passionate advocate for education as a key for individual development to enable equal opportunities for all, Mark has significant experience of operational delivery, policy-making, directing governance, various programmes and developing strategy in charities and NGOs, both in the UK and internationally.

Mark spent over twenty years employed in the field of Human Resources in the RAF, but additionally served in a diverse range of roles such as defence intelligence, defence sales and as a defence attaché. Following the RAF, he went on to work in international development, specifically for INGOs specialising in women’s health and rights, human rights, climate change and geopolitics.

Mark holds master’s degrees in International Development and Charity Accounting. He gained over fifteen years’ experience working with charities before branching into consulting, concentrating on strategy development and operational delivery. We are delighted to welcome Mark to Adviza.

Statement from Mark Hilton, interim CEO

The Adviza team is a hugely dedicated and very talented group of people, and there’s a real and growing need in the community for the services the charity provides.

The world has changed a lot in the last few years. For us and others in our sector, those changes are creating a need to diversify from an organisation working as a traditional local government delivery mechanism into an increasingly competitive landscape that will be more mission- and beneficiary-driven.

As a result of the UK becoming a more iniquitous society, we must reach people who fall out of the system—for whatever reason—and provide opportunities to return them. I’m thrilled that I can bring my experience of developing organisations to that task.

My work in international development made it very plain to me that, globally as well as locally, access to education is a key driver to prosperity, whether that is for marginalised groups or in raising awareness of learning and work amongst young people. Education is critically important, and Adviza’s ongoing mission is to ensure all of our communities and audiences benefit from continually improving access to learning and work.

My job is to build on the outstanding legacy Katharine created. Adviza will continue to build our focus on reaching and supporting people who have slipped through the gaps in the system: that includes children and young people who missed opportunities because of the global pandemic, ethnic minorities, NEET, SEND and many other marginalised communities who are excluded socially or systemically. Adviza is a fantastic organisation, and our people take our mission personally. I am delighted to be here.

- Mark Hilton



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