In a fine display of community spirit and dedication, young volunteers from the Bracknell Prince’s Trust Team programme have created a sensory garden at The Rowans Children's Centre, enhancing the lives of local children and families affected by disabilities. The project was born out of the Bracknell Team participants’ desire to positively impact their community.

The Rowans Children’s Centre—a key resource for children and young people who need extra support in education—found its garden in need of rejuvenation.

Our Bracknell team—who elected to call themselves “Team Snail”—nonetheless jumped into action, removing weeds, cutting the grass, removing damaged toys and refreshing a children's playhouse and toadstools.

Having selected the Children’s Centre project themselves as a way of adding value to the community, Team Snail went above and beyond in an effort to cater to the needs of neurodivergent children, adding sensory toys and activities, and carefully selecting seeds that added pleasing scents and textures to the garden.

The execution of the project required perseverance, teamwork, effective communication and resilience from Team Snail, especially in the summer heat.

Despite a wobbly start, the team pushed through, drawing on each other's strengths and abilities, and emerging as a more united group. The project highlights the power of The Prince’s Trust Team programme in helping young people to develop and apply empathy, initiative, effective communication and resilience. Above all, it is a testament to the individuals in the programme who worked so hard to overcome obstacles, gain confidence and learn key employability skills.

The transformation of the sensory garden has made the children's centre more accessible and welcoming and created a better resource for educating children about the environment. Team Snail’s efforts are a shining example of what can be accomplished when young minds are determined to make a difference. Congratulations to them and to Amy Elding, who runs the Bracknell Prince’s Trust Team programme.


Humour and fun is an important part of why The Prince’s Trust Team works so well. Here is Team Snail, who gave themselves this name because they were “slow and steady and ready to come out of their shells.”


The Prince


The Prince


The Prince's Trust Team Programme will next start in September 2023.

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18th July 2023