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    21st November 2023

    In Berkshire and Oxfordshire (Oxon), the past five years have seen some exciting developments in the fields of Life Sciences and Human Health. This region has been receiving a lot of investment, and it's creating a buzz in the job market. There's even more excitement on the horizon, with Moderna Inc. planning to set up the Moderna Innovation and Technology Centre at Harwell, a fantastic new science and innovation hub in Oxfordshire.

    Let's dive into the job scene in Berkshire first. Some noteworthy growth has been happening in various areas:

    • Hospital Activities (up by 11%)
    • Wholesale of Pharmaceutical Goods (surging by 28%)
    • Making Pharmaceutical Products and Preparations (an impressive 216% growth)
    • Other roles like Nursing, Researchers, Analysts, Chemical Engineers, and Chemists.

    Now, onto Oxon. Though there was a slight decrease (4%) in the number of businesses in Human Health from 2017 to 2022, the job market is thriving with a 12% increase. Here's where the growth is:

    • Hospital Activities and Other Human Health Activities (up by 17% and 39% respectively)
    • Biotech Research & Development roles (a whopping 120% increase)
    • Research and Development in Natural Sciences & Engineering is also seeing a boost (48%)
    • Biological Scientists and Biochemists are in demand (up by 28%)
    • Nursing is growing steadily (11% increase).

    Exciting times ahead for those looking to build a career in these fields in Berkshire and Oxfordshire!


    Lab Technicians, Production Scientists, Health Care Scientists, Adult Nurses, Occupational Therapists, Radiographers.


    Abingdon & Witney College

    •    T Level in Health
    Activate Learning (City of Oxford, Reading, Bracknell & Wokingham)
    •    Science A Levels, National Diploma BTEC Level 3 Applied Science, Health T Level (B&W and City of Oxford)
    •    Science A Levels, Laboratory Sciences T Level, Health T Level (Reading)

    Windsor College Group

    •    Science A Levels, National Diploma and National Extended Diploma BTEC Level 3 in Applied Science, Science T Level, Health & Care T Level

    Henley College

    •    Science A Levels, Science T Level, National Extended Diploma BTEC Level 3 in Applied Science

    Oxford University, Reading University, Oxford Brookes University

    •    Various academic undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Science, Engineering and Health


    •    106 approved apprenticeships across the sector and at all levels.


    An organisation called the Workforce Development Partnership (WDP) is being developed by the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce, in collaboration with the Thames Valley Life Sciences Round Table. The purpose of the WDP is to allow businesses to discuss and explain their skills and recruitment needs with education, training and careers providers. Gaps in training can then be worked on and more opportunities for young people to gain experience and qualifications created. 

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