Amy's journey stands out as a testament to the power of apprenticeships and how they can act as a catalyst for personal growth and professional advancement. Having completed a Level 3 apprenticeship and then moving on to study a degree apprenticeship, Amy highlights the value in apprenticeships and how they shape promising futures; when you say “yes” to opportunities, embrace the challenges and harness self-belief.

Amy's passion for helping others stems from her own background which ignited a desire to make a difference in the lives of young people, being able to use her life experience to give something back to others. Her career started with an organisation called Look Ahead, which laid the foundations for her journey. They offered her a Level 2 Health and Social Care apprenticeship, and Amy accepted the opportunity, though she didn’t complete the first apprenticeship. She decided she wasn’t ready for direct care work due to personal challenges, feeling that it was too soon to enter into this field of work.

She next transitioned to Sandhurst Group Practice, re-entering the care industry but in a role that felt more relaxed, focusing on administrative tasks and reception duties rather than direct service-user interaction. During her time here, she pursued and successfully completed a 12-month Level 3 business administration apprenticeship, which not only provided her with a stable salary but also secured her position as a permanent employee upon qualification completion. Amy shares this experience:

I liked that this apprenticeship gave me a gentle route into the world of work, it was a fairly supportive environment. The apprenticeship started really gradual and worked the way up. I got a really good idea of what goes on in the background of a GP surgery. I also had some creative input, such as making noticeboard displays. I built a really great relationship with my manager and team so got to implement systems which improved the way we worked. There were also some challenges, it was the first time I had to deliver a mental health session to the team, which felt daunting but was also exciting.

Amy also shared that she enjoyed completing the qualification as each module was done via professional discussion which meant she could talk her work through with an assessor instead of having to write up essays. Another factor she appreciated about the apprenticeship is that her training provider came out to visit her in the workplace, so she didn’t have to physically attend college.

Following a year of dedicated service at the surgery, Amy sensed a growing readiness for a fresh venture, craving new experiences and challenges. She set her sights on Adviza and applied for the role of Contact Centre Administrator for the National Careers Service. Over the initial year in her position, Amy embraced increasing responsibilities, impressing her managers with her natural ability to interact with clients and professional approach to communication. Recognising her potential, Adviza offered the opportunity for Amy to study for a higher level apprenticeship, where she could train to become a qualified Level 6 Careers Adviser.

Whist Amy was working through her Level 6 apprenticeship, she moved over to the project team within Adviza working on the Berkshire Education Employer Partnership. Here she offered intensive support sessions to young people whilst she completed her apprenticeship.

Amy’s apprenticeship helped her to develop key skills and bring out abilities and strengths she didn’t realise she even had! Through her apprenticeship journey, Amy discovered her innate capacity for active listening during careers interviews, enabling her to pick out specific details which enabled her to provide tailored support to individuals. Moreover, she also cultivated qualities of perseverance and resilience, recognising her own ability to navigate challenges and be persistent when it comes to achieving her career goals. For anyone who wants to do an apprenticeship, she encourages:

I say go for it, it is so worth it. Take every opportunity that you can, as you get to see so much more doing an apprenticeship than what you think you will see. You may think that as an apprentice you get put into the background, but actually you get put forward for different things. And it’s a really good stepping stone to get into a career. Whether you decide to stay with the company or industry you did the apprenticeship with or do something else, you still have all that experience.

Amy is now in a leadership role within Adviza, facilitating The Prince's Trust Team programme in Bracknell as the Team Leader. Amy’s ability to combine personal experiences with professional expertise enables her to mentor and empower young individuals, guiding them on transformative journeys of self-discovery and growth. Amy shares:

I get to use my personal experiences and professional experiences to really help develop and grow young people. I love that I get to see them go on a journey and I’m a part of that with them. And they fly high at the end of the 12 weeks.

Amy firmly believes that apprenticeships have been pivotal in shaping her career trajectory, each serving as a progressive step towards her achievements. 

Her 3 top tips for anyone considering an apprenticeship:

  • “Don’t be afraid of working with agencies who look for apprenticeships, they can be your best friends. I know some people overlook these or get put off when searching for opportunities, however they can really help. I know I wouldn’t have got the apprenticeships I did if not for working with an agency.”
  • “When you start an apprenticeship, pace yourself otherwise they can become overwhelming. Balancing working full time whilst doing a qualification can be tricky. So have that balance between the two to make sure you can sustain completing the qualification work throughout.” 
  • “Don’t be afraid to go for something even if you're not sure about it. Because you will learn a lot of good transferable skills that you can gain from an apprenticeship, alongside experience and a qualification. You also get workplace contacts you can utilise.” 

As Amy's journey illustrates, apprenticeships transcend mere qualification—they are catalysts for personal growth, professional advancement, and valuable experience you have for life.


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7th February 2024