Princes Trust logoMorgan hadn’t attended school for many years because of mental health problems and had been getting support from CAMHS but as she approached 18 they told her that they wouldn't be able to continue to support her.  

At that point she says that her world looked "really dire".  She didn't have any plans and didn't know how to move on. 

I was just at home every day, my mental health was really bad. I was anxious, I didn’t really know how to get a job or how to move forward with my life so I was really worried about the future.

CAMHS told Morgan about the Prince's Trust Team programme run by Adviza in her local area and despite her anxiety, Morgan made it to the programme and stuck with it.

The 12-week programme included a community challenge, work placement and residential. Her work experience was at a pub restaurant and soon after completing the programme she was offered a full time job there. 

I’m mainly bar tending and waitressing which I really enjoy because I am seeing new people every day, which is something that a year ago I would’ve never thought I would be able to do.

She says about the Team programme:

It taught me to believe in myself and massively boosted my self-confidence.

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