Megan, a valued member of the Adviza Team, started with the organisation in September 2021 and came onboard as Admin support and a Tracker for the National Careers Service. Since then she has also gained experience working on the Berkshire Education Employer Partnership (BEEP) project and for the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Employment forum. She embarked on her apprenticeship journey in September 2022, which she saw as a chance to rewrite her previous educational narrative and embrace new opportunities. Megan is still currently studying for her apprenticeship in Level 3 Business Admin. She explained: 

I didn’t have a great experience at school, especially college. I left college and was so put off by education that when I left, I just wanted to get into work. I wanted to be earning money and not worry anymore about education. I then joined Adviza and it’s such a lovely company to work for. After a year’s service, this opportunity came up to start an apprenticeship. It felt like there had been enough time between my last college experience and when I was approached, so I felt ready to start studying again. This apprenticeship has also helped me feel that within work I was also doing something for myself. I get to gain a qualification and it goes on my CV. So it felt like the right timing and I wanted to change my story around education.

Megan shared that her approach to her studies is adaptable, balancing qualification deadlines with the needs of the business. Embracing a model of block learning, she attends monthly group sessions with her learning provider, then integrating the modules into her work schedule. Around 20% of Megan's work time is dedicated to her apprenticeship, a testament to her commitment to personal and professional growth. Through structured learning and hands-on experience, Megan is not only acquiring essential skills but also has been able to develop key time management abilities—a valuable asset in her journey towards success. The unwavering support of Adviza and her training provider has been pivotal in Megan's development. She affirms:

Adviza has been really supportive. My assessor meets with me monthly to go through my work and give me guidance to make sure I’m meeting the qualification requirements. There is also an online hub where I can get continuous feedback on the work I’ve submitted. I’ve also had a very supportive manager who jumps on calls with me when needed and completes witness reports for me. My apprenticeship has never felt like a burden within my team.

The organisation's commitment to her growth coupled with the mentorship from her supportive manager have collectively nurtured an environment where Megan thrives—a testament to an ethos of empowerment and inclusivity, which runs through everything Adviza does. For Megan, an apprenticeship represents more than an academic pursuit, for her it's a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. 

I like that doing an apprenticeship is for me. It’s something I get to work on for myself and give back to myself. This is working towards the next thing for me, getting the next role, getting a pay rise, working towards my bigger life goals.

Megan reflects, emphasising the value this educational pursuit brings her. Through the more challenging modules and moments of self-reflection, each time Megan has emerged with newfound confidence—a testament to the transformative power of experiential learning. Dispelling myths and embracing new perspectives, Megan champions the fulfilling nature of apprenticeship programs. Megan asserts:

I would advise any person looking into doing an apprenticeship to go for it... wholeheartedly go for it! For me, there were some misconceptions around apprenticeships, things like you get badly paid, it's boring… but actually I haven’t had that experience at all!

Through modules covering topics such as stakeholders, understanding leadership, project management, problem-solving, decision-making, improving the performance of the work team, innovation and change, Megan gains not only practical skills but also a deeper understanding of organisational dynamics—a journey that reshapes her approach to work and life.

I’ve learnt a lot of skills as well as developing a new perspective. It's helped me understand why I carry out certain tasks within my role. Why I’m doing my job and how it relates to the company's bigger picture as a whole. We did parts of the qualification that has given me a new outlook on how organisations work and I’m seeing so much more than I would just doing the day-to-day. It’s completely changed the way I approach my work.

Megan expressed that improving her decision-making abilities was a significant aspect of her learning journey. Through her apprenticeship, she gained insights into the organisation that enabled her to pose the right questions, which then aided her in making informed decisions that aligned with her goals and provided her clarity. This new skill set has enhanced her productivity and self-reliance in her role.

The thing that Megan enjoyed the most was learning about things without even realising quite how much knowledge she was acquiring. She learnt a lot about psychology and being able to understand how to work with different types of people, key people skills. Understanding deeper reasons why people do what they do, can make a supportive workplace which is flexible for the employees to really increase morale and productivity.

What Megan has found most enjoyable was unknowingly gaining knowledge that supported her understanding of interpersonal and team dynamics. Understanding the underlying motivations behind people's actions has empowered her and meant she can better assist with creating a supportive and flexible workplace environment, thereby boosting morale and productivity. 

This apprenticeship has been beneficial for me as it does open up doors, that maybe I wouldn’t have had before. I do know whatever comes next from this apprenticeship is only going to be positive.

Megan is looking forward to finishing her apprenticeship in March this year which will complete 1.5 years of study. As she looks towards the future, she does so with pride. Feeling accomplished and knowing that she has rewritten the story of her educational journey.

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5th February 2024