Before joining Adviza's Returners Fund course, Dale had been unemployed for two years. This was mainly due to a combination of caring responsibilities for his child and lacking the right guidance and opportunity to return to the workplace. With his child approaching school age, Dale was able to seriously consider his work options and the prospect of returning to the workplace.

Back on track

Dale joined the course looking for both an opportunity to gain his Security Industry Authority licence and to move forward with his career in the industry, while still being able to undertake his caring responsibilities. His previous licence had expired and, having been unemployed for two years, he did not have the funds to regain it, which was one of the main barriers he faced in getting his career back on track. 

The Returners Fund course was ideally suited to Dale's situation as it took into account the fact he was a carer and had responsibilities in addition to juggling career aspirations. This flexibility and the support it offered was one of his principle reasons for joining the course.

An unexpected benefit

Having been out of work for two years Dale had started to lose confidence that he could resume his career. He felt that one of the reasons he thrived on the course was that it was practical rather than being too academic and enabled him to refresh the key skills for the security industry that he was struggling with such as customer service, communication and assertiveness skills.

One of the surprising aspects of the course for him was the social side:

I enjoyed meeting new people and found confidence through this. The course once completed gave me a support network which I was not expecting. This definitely helped in being able to move forward not only into employment but also on a personal and social basis.

After successfully completing the course and gaining his SIA card, Dale was supported on a one to one basis to look for potential job opportunities with his Returners Fund Advisor. He received support from the National Careers Service to update and refresh his CV and one to one appointments with the Returners Fund advisor to help with job searching activities. Dale was both surprised and delighted to have two job offers to choose from and discussed with his Returners Fund advisor which would be the best option for him:

Having an advisor to help through every step of the way into employment has been a real positive helping me gain employment and feeling supported in returning to the workplace.

Returning to work

Dale has been working for Mitie in their Sainsbury’s store for the last three months and receives ongoing in work support to talk through any issues or problems that he may face. He gets at least one phone call per week to check on progress.

Although it is still early days, Dale is keen to look at what other options are available to him through both his employer and the Returners Fund, and how he can be supported to progress his career. The fact that he is already considering his next step demonstrates the confidence he has gained through being back at work. 

Dale feels the course provided him with the tools to be successful in returning to the workplace, with an added bonus of gaining a support network:

The course not only gave me the skills and the confidence need to help me return to work but gave me a network of social support and friends. I feel the support will help me gain further success and help get me where I want to be.

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