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    People in these jobs all play a part in producing just about everything we use on a day-to-day basis - food, furniture, tools, clothes and ... well, just look around you!

    Machines do most of the actual production work in factories. On a smaller scale, most craft jobs are done by hand, in workshops. There are plenty of office jobs as well.

    Although the number of people employed in the sector has declined in recent years, manufacturing is still very important; making things and selling them at home and abroad continues to be vital for the UK economy. In some areas of work, there is a shortage of skilled people.

    Below you'll find links to videos created by employers and organisations in the sector to help you get a taste of what working in this sector is like.


    Demystifying Engineering, career paths, Apprenticeships and what it is really like: Guest speakers in a panel discussion include Georgina Barnard Executive Director of of Dudley College, Stuart Parker Client Manager at In-Comm Training and Chloe Sales, Apprentice Welder. 

    Production and manufacturing engineering: Videos from a Project Engineer with Nestlé and a Manufacturing Engineer with Rolls-Royce

    Subject Guide Videos:
    An impartial guide to university courses - featuring expert speakers and on demand webinars.
    These impartial videos support students who are considering university to make informed future subject decisions. They feature guest speakers from a range of different universities, who are always experts in the subject being explored.

    Unifrog Free Webinars:

    Live webinars across a variety of careers - requires booking.

    Adviza Podcasts and Past Webinars:

    Podcasts for Manufacturing and Production

    We have recorded many useful webinars with a huge variety of employers and sector champions. Have a look in our Past Webinar section.

    The webinars are in date order. You may want to check out these dates to find webinars in relation to manufacturing and production:

    • 9th May 2023 - Sector Webinar - Food Science & Technology
    • 24th January 2023 - Careers in Aerospace.
    • 16th January 2023 - Careers in the Pharmaceutical Industry.
    • 8th November 2022 - Employer Webinar (Honda)
    • 29th March 2022 - Employer Webinar (Ikea)
    • 15th March 2022 - Employer Webinar (BMW)

    Don't forget to have a look at the upcoming webinars in our Events section!

    Virtual work experience opportunities:

    Speakers For Schools

    Try different jobs in real life through free VWEX so you can find the best fit for you.  Speakers for Schools are a non-profit organisation offering free UK-wide work experience.

    Kör: Careers at Volvo Trucks

    Driving Your Future: If you're intrigued about a career in vehicle manufacturing then this work experience programme is for you. Springpod and Volvo have partnered up to bring you a programme all about life at Volvo, from quality and safety to logistics roles. You’ll have your eyes opened to the responsibilities of professionals working within the company and be given the opportunity to complete interactive activities. Kickstart your career and apply today! 


    Almac’s virtual work experience hub has been designed for 15 to 18 year old students who are keen to learn about careers in the pharmaceutical industry.

    Siemens Virtual Work Experience Program

    Since the pandemic Siemens has created a virtual work experience program which combines a series of videos, live webinars and activities, to create an engaging and interactive experience for students all the while keeping people safe.

    Explore Forage Work Experience Programs  

    Media to Explore:

    Many young people have been inspired by TV shows, movies etc. to follow a particular career. We have collated some resources here for you to discover. We have included podcasts because they are the best way to get real insight into the industry’s current dynamics and are a great way to demonstrate knowledge and passion in personal statements and interviews.

    Please note, we have not specified the platforms for these resources as they can change over time. We suggest you do a web search for the title – you will often find them on YouTube in their entirety. Some titles will only be available for a fee or subscription.

    Please be aware that not all of the titles below are appropriate for all ages. Please check the age appropriateness before watching. Common sense media are a good resource to use to do this.

    TV Factual: Inside The Factory, How it’s made, Food Factory, American Factory, Huge Car Factory – Ford, Porsche: High-Level Car Manufacturer, Tesla Motors, Rotten

    Radio & Podcasts: The Job Shop Show

    Useful Websites:

    eCLIPS Manufacturing and Production

    Enginuity  A skills organisation for the engineering and manufacturing sectors. 

    Make UK: The Manufacturers' Organisation - champions engineering and manufacturing in the UK.  Information on training courses, news and events, industrial reports and Apprenticeships (including vacancies)

    The Chemical Industry

    Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) - for information on careers in chemistry in general, see the RSC's A Future in Chemistry site at:

    Cogent Skills  The skills body covering the chemical industry. Links to information on career pathways, apprenticeships, graduate opportunities plus vacancies.

    Chemical Industries Association  Represents chemical and pharmaceutical businesses in the UK. Runs events and courses. The ChemTalent platform is aimed at those starting their careers in the chemical industry as well as those exploring careers in the sector. 

    IChemE (Institution of Chemical Engineers) Accredited company training schemes, job vacancies.

    British Coatings Federation (BCF) The UK's trade association representing manufacturers of powder/industrial coatings, wallcoverings, decorative coatings and printing inks.

    Coatings Careers Hub Information on the industry, opportunities and training.

    Society of Dyers and Colourists


    ABPI (Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry) - for careers information, select the 'Careers' link at the bottom of the home page. 

    Cogent Skills - the skills body covering the pharmaceutical industry. Links to information on career pathways, Apprenticeships, graduate opportunities plus vacancies.

    A list of pharmaceutical companies and links to their websites can be found on the ABPI site given above (click on 'member representation'). Vacancies may be advertised on employer websites, in local and national newspapers, and through specialist recruitment sites such as Carrot Recruitment and Pharma Jobs.