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    Transport and logistics roles are concerned with moving people or goods from one place to another by air, sea, road and rail. Many of the jobs take you out and about - perhaps for a few hours, a few days or even weeks. There are also jobs where you are based in one place, such as at an airport, office or large warehouse, but are still involved in making sure people or goods get to their destination.

    Below you'll find links to videos created by employers and organisations in the sector to help you get a taste of what working in transport and logistics is like.


    Careers in Aerospace: The Royal Aeronautical Society’s Education & Skills team, supported by the RAeS Foundation, have produced four short video animations aimed at young people, teachers and parents to showcase some of the sectors within the aerospace industry and provide insight into the skills you will need and what route you can follow to find the job of your dreams. We have also started a series of online webinars.

    Aero stories – careers in aviation: capturing the amazing and diverse career ‘stories’ of aviation professionals to continue our work in inspiring future generations and underrepresented groups into a career into this sector

    Subject Guide Videos:
    An impartial guide to university courses - featuring expert speakers and on demand webinars.
    These impartial videos support students who are considering university to make informed future subject decisions. They feature guest speakers from a range of different universities, who are always experts in the subject being explored.

    Unifrog Free Webinars:

    Live webinars across a variety of careers - requires booking.

    Adviza Podcasts and Past Webinars:

    We have recorded many useful webinars with a huge variety of employers and sector champions. Have a look in our Past Webinar section.

    The webinars are in date order. You may want to check out these dates to find webinars in relation to transport and logistics:

    • 25th April 2023 - Armed Forces Webinar- Army
    • 8th November 2022 - Employer Webinar (Honda)
    • 15th March 2022 - Employer Webinar (BMW)

    Don't forget to have a look at the upcoming webinars in our Events section!

    Work Experience

    4 September 2024 - 10.00-2.00 pm - Open to Year 10 and above - Closing date 4 June 2024

    Work Experience Insight Day - Airport Operations - Heathrow -

    Virtual Work Experience

    British Airways

    Every 90 seconds a British Airways aircraft takes off from somewhere around the world. Ever wondered what it’s like to be part of that excitement - the magic that connects Britain to the world and the world to Britain? Now you can.

    Speakers For Schools

    Try different jobs in real life through free VWEX so you can find the best fit for you.  Speakers for Schools are a non-profit organisation offering free UK-wide work experience.

    This charity is based at Gloucestershire Airport and offers taster days and weeks to students interested in Piloting, Engineering, Air Traffic Control, Airside Operations or Aviation Management.

    Explore Forage Work Experience Programs  

    Media to Explore:

    Many young people have been inspired by TV shows, movies etc. to follow a particular career. We have collated some resources here for you to discover. We have included podcasts because they are the best way to get real insight into the industry’s current dynamics and are a great way to demonstrate knowledge and passion in personal statements and interviews.

    Please note, we have not specified the platforms for these resources as they can change over time. We suggest you do a web search for the title – you will often find them on YouTube in their entirety. Some titles will only be available for a fee or subscription.

    Please be aware that not all of the titles below are appropriate for all ages. Please check the age appropriateness before watching. Common sense media are a good resource to use to do this.

    TV Factual: Top Gear, Shipping Wars, Ice Road Truckers, Truckers (BBC), The World’s Most Luxurious Airline, A Very British Airline, One Six Right, City in the Sky, The Railway, Keeping Britain on Track, Edie Stobart, Trucks and Trailer

    Radio & Podcasts:

    Logistics: The Logistics Podcast

    Rail: In Training, Railway Mania

    Air: Flying podcast, Plane Talking

    Automotive: Automotive News,

    Useful Websites:



    BALPA (British Airline Pilots' Association) - the BALPA website has useful information about becoming a pilot and you can download the careers publication, The Inside Track.

    The Air League

    British Helicopter Association (BHA) 

    British Women Pilots' Association (BWPA) - promotes the training and employment of women in aviation, and can provide advice and information.

    The Honourable Company of Air Pilots and here for the Company's dedicated careers site

    Royal Aeronautical Society

    Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) - for information about professional pilot licences.

    The Royal Aero Club Trust

    British Balloon and Airship Club - for information about becoming a balloon pilot.

    Careers information can be found at:
    Pilot Career News
    To be a Pilot

    News Article - So you want to be a pilot?

    To find out about learning to fly in the Armed Forces, contact your local Armed Forces Careers Office.

    Job vacancies may be advertised on airline websites and in magazines such as Flight International, Flight Training News and Pilot (and their associated websites). Also see individual airline sites; the main ones in the UK are:

    British Airways 
    Virgin Atlantic 

    Cabin Crew

    Below are just some of the airlines that offer opportunities. The websites carry careers and recruitment information for air cabin crew.

    British Airways
    Virgin Atlantic

    For information on the role of cabin crew, advice on applying, vacancies and details on taster courses, see Cabin Crew wings.

    Jobs are also advertised on:
    Aviation Job Search and Cabin Crew

    Air Traffic Control

    NATS - for information about becoming an air traffic controller and on other careers within NATS.

    Information on licences for air traffic roles can be found on the Civil Aviation Authority website.

    Working at Airports

    Some of the main employers of airport staff are listed below; see their websites for information on careers, to search for jobs, and for details on any Apprenticeships, graduate programmes, internships and work experience opportunities they may offer. 

    Heathrow Airport Limited

    Manchester Airports Group

    British Airways

    Menzies Aviation


    The Railway Industry

    Rail Delivery Group - a list of train operating companies.

    Network Rail - for information on areas of work, entry-level opportunities (Apprenticeships, graduate programmes, work placements etc)


    Transport for London (includes the London Underground) - details on student placements, Apprenticeships and graduate schemes.

    DB Cargo UK - a major rail freight operator in the UK.

    The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in the UK - CILT

    Institution of Railway Signal Engineers (IRSE) - professional body for those involved in railway signalling, control and communications.

    The Institution of Railway Operators (IRO) - for training events, including an online 'Introduction to the Railway Industry' course.

    The National Skills Academy for Rail - website has information on skills, training and the rail sector.

    National Training Academy for Rail (NTAR) - for information on Apprenticeships, training, and the rail cadet scheme for 11-14 year olds.

    Railweek - Showcases opportunities across the rail sector and find out about events.

    Job vacancies can be found on employer websites and through specialist recruitment sites, such as Railway People.

    Become a Train Driver in 2021, How to Become a Train Conductor and How to Become a Railway Signaller - all published by How2Become. For information on content, format and prices.

    Driving Jobs

    GOV.UK - for all kinds of information on driving, licences for different vehicles.

    Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA)

    Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA)

    The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in the UK (CILT UK)

    Road Haulage Association (RHA)

    National Private Hire & Taxi Association (NPHTA) - for information on taxi driving.

    You will find the contact details of bus companies, coach operators, road haulage businesses, and taxi and private hire firms through online directories. Vacancies are often advertised on employer websites. Jobs in driving can also be found through specialist agencies and recruitment sites, such as Logistics Job Shop.

    How2Become a Traffic Officer - published by How2Become. 

    The National Courier & Despatch Association - the UK body for independent, same-day courier companies. You can search for member organisations.

    Institute of Couriers - for information on Apprenticeships, qualifications and membership.

    You can find out about teaching people to drive here.

    DIA (Driving Instructors Association) - a professional membership body for driver and rider instructors. The DIA offers training events and continuing professional development programmes.

    The Motor Schools Association of Great Britain Ltd - the longest established trade association for driver trainers in Great Britain.

    You can find useful information on becoming a driving instructor at Save Driving for Life. 


    The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in the UK - CILT(UK) - information on careers, qualifications and jobs vacancies.

    Institute of Transport Administration

    British International Freight Association (BIFA)

    Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers

    Road Haulage Association (RHA)

    Logistics UK

    You can find out more about the logistics industry and career opportunities at Think Logistics.

    For job vacancies, see employers' websites, the CILT(UK) site above, as well as general and specialist job sites such as:
    Logistics Job Shop
    Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply