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    People who do most of the jobs in this sector are interested in the physical and living world around them. They will have usually enjoyed science and maths at school and done well in those subjects, before going on to do further study. They like solving problems, working things out and asking questions. If you work in science, you will certainly be involved in studies that try to answer: What? Why? Where? When? How? Which?

    Maths and science are used in all sorts of areas, from investigating black holes, measuring the force of an earthquake, researching the consequences of growing genetically modified crops and developing new vaccines, to working out insurance risks!

    Below you'll find links to videos created by employers and organisations in the sector to help you get a taste of what working in this sector is like.


    Getting women into STEM careers 

    A Day In The Life Of An Astronomer from UKAstroNut: Many people think that professional astronomers spend their days gazing up at the night sky through a telescope. But this is far from reality. This video will show you what a professional astronomer does at work in a typical day and explain why it's much more interesting than simply staring through a telescope.

    Subject Guide Videos:
    An impartial guide to university courses - featuring expert speakers and on demand webinars.
    These impartial videos support students who are considering university to make informed future subject decisions. They feature guest speakers from a range of different universities, who are always experts in the subject being explored.

    Unifrog Free Webinars:

    Live webinars across a variety of careers - requires booking.

    Adviza Podcasts and Past Webinars:

    Podcasts for Financial Services | Adviza

    We have recorded many useful webinars with a huge variety of employers and sector champions. Have a look in our Past Webinar section.

    The webinars are in date order. You may want to check out these dates to find webinars in relation to science, maths and statistics:

    • 9th May 2023 - Sector Webinar - Food Science & Technology
    • 28th March 2023 - Careers in Geography.
    • 24th January 2023 - Careers in Aerospace.
    • 16th January 2023 - Careers in the Pharmaceutical Industry.
    • 29th November 2022 - Industry Webinar: Management Accountancy

    Don't forget to have a look at the upcoming webinars in our Events section!

    Virtual work experience opportunities:

    Technology: So you know you're interested in tech, but don't know what your career options are or how to begin filling out that CV, well look no further! This technology virtual work experience programme will give you a great idea of how to make a name for yourself in the tech world, from web development and design to computer science, we'll uncover a load of careers to suit a whole range of personalities.

    Love numbers? How about a career in finance? Have a look at Springpod's work experience in Accountancy, Banking, Investment and Insurance. Programme dates:13th February - 24th February. Application deadline:3rd February 

    Stainability, Support and STEM Careers with Severn Trent
    Springpod and Severn Trent have joined up to give you access to the latest information about essential roles and responsibilities within the water industry.

    Lift Off - with the Civil Aviation Authority
    Aviation & Aerospace Virtual Work Experience. This programme will take a closer look at the role of the Civil Aviation Authority as a regulator of aerospace and aviation, providing you an insight into how they promote innovation in the industry, and ensure that standards and safety is always adhered to.


    Almac’s virtual work experience hub has been designed for 15 to 18 year old students who are keen to learn about careers in the pharmaceutical industry.

    Speakers For Schools

    Try different jobs in real life through free VWEX so you can find the best fit for you.  Speakers for Schools are a non-profit organisation offering free UK-wide work experience. 

    Explore Forage Work Experience Programs  

    Media to Explore:

    Many young people have been inspired by TV shows, movies etc. to follow a particular career. We have collated some resources here for you to discover. We have included podcasts because they are the best way to get real insight into the industry’s current dynamics and are a great way to demonstrate knowledge and passion in personal statements and interviews.

    Please note, we have not specified the platforms for these resources as they can change over time. We suggest you do a web search for the title – you will often find them on YouTube in their entirety. Some titles will only be available for a fee or subscription.

    Please be aware that not all of the titles below are appropriate for all ages. Please check the age appropriateness before watching. Common sense media are a good resource to use to do this.

    TV Factual:

    Science: Our Planet, Crash Course History of Science, One Strange Rock, Journey to the edge of the Universe, Mission Blue, Kiss the Ground, Pandemic: How To Prevent a Pandemic. Bill Nye Saves the World, Everyday Miracles, White Rabbit Project, 100 Humans, Explained, Big Bang Theory, Futurama

    Maths: : Numb3rs, The Story of Maths, BBC Magic Numbers Mysterious World of Maths, The Secret Rules of Modern Living: Algorithms, The Code


    Science: The Martian, , Apollo 13, Interstellar, The Imitation Game, Her, Contact, Deep Impact, Ex Machina, The Theory of Everything

    Maths: Hidden Figures, A Beautiful Mind, Moneyball, The Man who Knew Infinity

    x + y, The Accountant, Good Will Hunting, Gifted

    Radio & Podcasts:

    Science: BBC The Science Hour, BBC Inside Science, New Scientist Weekly, BBC Crowd Science, Nature Podcast, 5 Live Science, The Naked Scientists Podcast, Science Focus, Scientifically, Science in Action, Physics World Weekly, Physics World Weekly, BlueSci

    Maths: More or Less, Numberphile, The Secrets of Mathematics, A Brief History of Mathematics, Women in Math


    Also check out Discovery Channel and BBC programs on Science and Technology

    Useful Websites:

    OXME - Oxfordshire County Council website for young people – includes vacancies for jobs and apprenticeships including science and engineering related 

    WISE - Quiz and to identify how your own skills match up to STEM careers 

    STEM Learning - Careers information for students 

    STEM Learning - Resources to Support Promoting Women in STEM 

    Planet Possibility - Planet Possibility, led by a consortium of universities, charities, and private businesses, leverages extensive expertise in diversity, inclusion, youth engagement, STEM, physics, careers, and digital initiatives. 
    Please explore the Planet Possibility website and the latest resources and events advertised below:

    Free online resources exploring careers in physics: Explore the world of physics with Future First's virtual careers insight pack. The Virtual pack is designed to give young people aged 13-16 insight into the world of physics and show them the careers and pathways studying physics can open up for them. 

    Play The Infinity Game: the Infinity campaign is working with schools across the UK, challenging misconceptions, offering information and resources to teachers, and empowering pupils to see a future with physics. 

    Exciting Articles Exploring Careers in Physics:
    1) The 10 Most Famous Physicists
    2) Should I do triple science or double science at GCSE?
    3) 5 reasons why you should study physics
    4) What are the highest paid physics jobs?
    5) What physics apprenticeships can I do?
    6) Nuclear Physicist Job Description
    7) Careers Related to Force and Motion
    8) Are physics degrees worth it?
    9) Can I become a physicist without going to university?
    10) What qualifications do I need to become a physicist?

    Gradcracker – Graduate information on science, technology, engineering and maths careers 

    The Year in Industry – Paid placements for school leaders and undergraduates 


    Scientific Careers 

    Careers with Mathematics 

    Careers using Biological Sciences 

    Careers with Biochemistry 

    Careers with Chemistry 

    Careers with Physics 

    Healthcare Science - Medical Physics and Clinical Engineering 

    All About STEM - Resources and information for students, advisers, teachers etc. 

    Cogent Skills - Careers with the world’s largest science companies and also see Science career Pathways.  

    Maths Careers - Institute of Maths and careers related to Maths information.  Also see information on how to choose a Maths Degree 

    SciCentral - Latest science news, articles etc 

    Science Buddies - Information and videos on careers in science 

    Future Morph - Careers information relating to maths, science, engineering, medicine and science 

    British Medical Journal - Latest medical articles and news  

    Royal College of General Practitioners 

    New Scientist – Latest news and articles 

    Royal Pharmaceutical Society 

    Royal Society of Chemistry 

    Biochemical Society 

    NHS Scientist Training Programme - A 3 year programme of work-based learning supported by a university accredited master’s degree 

    Into Biology – Careers using Biology