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    There are a variety of roles do with protecting individuals, the public or the country as a whole. Some of the careers involve working in prisons, for the emergency services, or for private security firms.

    The main purpose of the Armed Forces is to defend this country and its allies. Depending on your particular role, you may find yourself on the front line of military operations, with all the dangers that involves. Similarly, there are risks involved if you work for the police, in fire and rescue and other roles in this sector.

    Below you'll find links to videos created by employers and organisations in the sector to help you get a taste of what working in this sector is like. 


    Celebrate National Apprenticeship Week 2024 with the British Army
    The British Army is the largest Employer Provider of Apprenticeships in the UK. They have close to 15,000 apprentices currently enrolled on apprenticeships from Level 2 to Level 6 across more than 40 different programmes. That means that over 95% of soldiers enroll on an apprenticeship scheme when they start their initial trade training. Join their webinar on the 8th February at 3pm to find out more!


    Apprenticeships in the armed forces: A webinar with the Armed Forces where they explore the apprenticeship opportunities available within the British Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force.

    A Career in Policing, with Thames Valley Police: A panel of Thames Valley Police employees gave talks about their career and answered questions around race, religion, culture, gender, disability, handling difficult situations, staff support, and career prospects. 

    College of policing, career pathways: About the College of Policing, the professional body for the police service in England and Wales.

    Unifrog Free Webinars:

    Live webinars across a variety of careers - requires booking.

    Adviza Podcasts and Past Webinars:

    We have recorded many useful webinars with a huge variety of employers and sector champions. Have a look in our Past Webinar section.

    The webinars are in date order. You may want to check out these dates to find webinars in relation to science, maths and statistics:

    • 25th April 2023 - Armed Forces Webinar- Army

    Don't forget to have a look at the upcoming webinars in our Events section!

    Virtual work experience opportunities:

    Women Making Their Mark In The Army

    Apply by 6th January. Discover Workshop 23rd January 11am-12pm. Aged 16-19. Have the chance to find out how women make a difference in the Army. Hear real insights into a typical day as a women in the Army. Ask questions to the panel and grow their knowledge of the Army. Improve skills through a live, unique and interactive session

    Virtual Army Careers Centre

    If you're looking for information about joining the Army, or have a question, and you can't get to your local Army Careers Centre, there is now a variety of online virtual events to help you find the answers you're looking for.

    Police Now: A Virtual Experience is a unique opportunity for you to investigate a career in frontline policing and win prizes, without leaving the house.

    Pre-register for our virtual event to experience life as a neighbourhood police officer.

    Virtual Work Experience Services

    Videos to watch on careers in the Police, Army, RAF and Navy video and a VWEX sheet to complete.

    Media to Explore:

    Many young people have been inspired by TV shows, movies etc. to follow a particular career. We have collated some resources here for you to discover. We have included podcasts because they are the best way to get real insight into the industry’s current dynamics and are a great way to demonstrate knowledge and passion in personal statements and interviews.

    Please note, we have not specified the platforms for these resources as they can change over time. We suggest you do a web search for the title – you will often find them on YouTube in their entirety. Some titles will only be available for a fee or subscription.

    Please be aware that not all of the titles below are appropriate for all ages. Please check the age appropriateness before watching. Common sense media are a good resource to use to do this.

    TV Factual: Special Forces (bbc), British Army Girls, Fighter Pilot – The Real Top Gun, Royal Marines Commando School, On the Front Line

    BBC programs: British Armed forces. 

    BBC programs: The Army

    List of TV documentaries that provide an insight into the selection process for elite and special forces. 

    List of TV and Documentaries on Royal Air Force. 

    TV Reality:  SAS Who Dares Wins

    TV Drama: Our Girl, Soldier Soldier, Band of Brothers, The Pacific

    Film: List of top 25 British war films

    Radio & Podcasts: General Talk, Gallantry, Soldiers Charity Conversations, Inside Air (RAF), Charlie Charlie One (Marines), It's a Fair Cop (Radio 4 comedy from ex-policeman Alfie Moore)

    Useful Websites:

    Armed Forces

    Your local Armed Forces Careers Office (AFCO) or Army Careers Centre can give you detailed Forces careers information, and arrange and provide advice for interviews, tests and assessment days. You can search for your local AFCO on Forces websites.


    Royal Navy and Royal Marines


    Police and Forensics

    College of Policing - the professional body for policing - information on working as a police officer or special, entry requirements. 

    Joining the Police - has links to police forces that are actively recruiting.

    Metropolitan Police - the biggest police force in the country

    Thames Valley Police Careers

    Job vacancies can be found on individual police force websites and on websites such as:
    All Police Jobs and Blue Line Jobs

    The Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences (CSFS) - for information on qualifications and training, and to search for vacancies. 

    Those aged 16-18 can subscribe to a quarterly magazine called Forensick! 

    Forensic Science Regulator - responsible for checking the quality of forensic science services. You can find out about the Regulator and developments in forensic science in general.

    The following are some major private employers of forensic scientists and support staff; when recruiting, their websites usually carry vacancy information:

    Cellmark Forensic Services
    Forensic Access
    Key Forensic Service
    Eurofins Forensic Services

    Fire and Rescue Service

    Contact your local fire and rescue service, or check their website, to see if they have vacancies. If recruiting, they will be able to provide you with application details to get you started.

    UK Fire Service Resources - an unofficial website aimed at serving firefighters and those interested in becoming firefighters. Click on 'Recruitment' for lots of information on the application process. It includes tips on filling in forms and going for interviews, and details of the various tests. The website also has the contact details of UK fire and rescue services.

    Fire Service College - a major provider of fire and emergency response training for local authority, Royal Air Force and defence firefighters, and one of the largest operational fire and rescue training facilities:

    For information on higher education courses see UCAS.

    Security Work

    Skills for Security - the skills body for the private security sector with information on training and Apprenticeships.

    Security Industry Authority (SIA) - regulates the private security industry and is responsible for issuing licences.

    British Security Industry Association (BSIA) - the trade association for the professional security industry in the UK.

    International Professional Security Association (IPSA) - a body for individuals and companies working in front-line security and associated roles; offers online training courses.

    Prison Service

    Her Majesty's Prison & Probation Service (HMPPS) - for general information. You can also see information on the range of jobs available.

    For information on careers in prisons and how to apply, see HMPPS jobs.